Gate #9: Detail (Focus)

Gate of Focus is the power and the energy to remain focused. This energy is driven to repeat and experiment. Without the its complementary gate 52, this energy can exhibit attributes of ADD or ADHD. – source


Whenever you see this in a chart, you know there is always to capacity for obsessive behavior and thinking. To a certain degree, the 9 will amp up all the energies of a chart, especially if the energy makes it to the throat and isn't split off. The Gate 9 has the ability to focus, but not necessarily concentrate. This gate is a crucial player in ADD-like behavior. With the Gate 9 you are focused but you are constantly moving, staying focused but not concentrating. If you have this energy you may often seem obsessive to others, as if you can't let an idea go. With the Gate 9, it's true. You can't let it go. You can think about it no matter what you're doing. You just might not be able to stop and concentrate on it, unless you find someone with the Gate 52. Both Gates are crucial for learning and taking Logic into collective behavioral patterns. – source