13 – 33 – The Prodigal

Human Design 13 – 33 channel

The Channel of the Prodigal – 33-13 links the G Center through the 13, the Gate of The Fellowship With Man, to the 33, the Gate of Retreat in the Throat Center. The last channel in the abstract collective, the Prodigal is one who goes into the world then returns to his village/tribe and shares the knowledge it found – typically by saying "I remember……..". Every Autobiography and Biography ever written represents this channel.

For this channel the experience is less in doing and more in listening to what others have to say - in discovering the secrets of the world and then sharing them. The 33/13, then, is the natural close of the maturation process in each cycle.

This is the Bard of ancient times who traveled the kingdom collecting the news, the gossip, and the stories which he would then share at every court he visited – usually in the form of a tale. In this way, everyone in the kingdom had the opportunity to reflect on the kingdom at large.

As a Projector channel, the 13-33 relies for it’s success upon being recognized and invited. The great bards of the old world had a standing invitation at all of the courts, and the lesser ones had an invitation in the commons of all the villages.

For centuries this was the tradition that supported human knowledge. It is the 13-33 that insists we store our memory and share it at the same time - store it as memory, keep it alive as memory and then pass it on.

There is a useful tip to give people with this channel: At the end of every day, every relationship, every meal, every movie....At the end of every experience, take a moment to reflect on it. The 33rd gate is the gate of retreat. People with this channel should retreat and reflect after an experience so that they can learn from the experience and then go out and share what they learned.