23 – 43 – Structuring

Human Design 23 – 43 channel

The Channel of Structuring - 43-23, links the Throat Center through the 23, the Gate of Splitting Apart, to the 43, the Gate of Breakthrough in the Ajna Center. Here we see the channel of the expression of individual mind. Concepts are grasped as insights that have broken through in gate 43 and re-structured, then expressed in the 23rd gate.

Called the channel of genius to freak, their unusual perspective reflects an ability to hold to their own point of view, at times to the exclusion of hearing or being affected by what others have to say about their ideas. That doesn't mean that they actually know anything; it just means that is what they say. Sometimes they know, other times they don't.

The channel is subtitled "Genius to Freak" implying a great range of possible insights and expressions. Just because a person expresses something is no guarantee that they have expressed it intelligibly. Often the freak appellation is the result of poor communication rather than faulty insight. When the expression of those with this channel is grasped by others successfully they are considered geniuses, and if not understood, they seem like freaks.

Anyone who has this channel must learn two very important things: Speech skills and patience. Speech skills to reach the audience and, because this is a projector channel, patience to wait for recognition so they have an audience that is ready to hear what they have to say.

The ability of the "knower" is to empower others structurally. This channel is always structuring, and it's ultimate gift is to make things more efficient. What you have to realize about these people is that if they can explain to you how to be more efficient, they have been able to mutate you. The contribution those with this channel bring to us is to enhance our acceptance of those who are different and the role they play in the transformation of our old order into new forms and values.