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The Juxtaposition Cross of Alertness (44/24 | 7/13)The Juxtaposition Cross of Ambition (54/53 | 32/42)The Juxtaposition Cross of Articulation (12/11 | 25/46)The Juxtaposition Cross of Assimilation (23/43 | 30/29)The Juxtaposition Cross of Bargains (37/40 | 5/35)The Juxtaposition Cross of Beginnings (53/54 | 42/32)The Juxtaposition Cross of Behavior (10/15 | 18/17)The Juxtaposition Cross of Caring (27/28 | 19/33)The Juxtaposition Cross of Commitment (29/30 | 20/34)The Juxtaposition Cross of Completion (42/32 | 60/56)The Juxtaposition Cross of Conflict (6/36 | 15/10)The Juxtaposition Cross of Confusion (64/63 | 45/26)The Juxtaposition Cross of Conservation (32/42 | 56/60)The Juxtaposition Cross of Contribution (8/14 | 55/59)The Juxtaposition Cross of Control (21/48 | 54/53)The Juxtaposition Cross of Correction (18/17 | 39/38)The Juxtaposition Cross of Crisis (36/6 | 10/15)The Juxtaposition Cross of Denial (40/37 | 35/5)The Juxtaposition Cross of Depth (48/21 | 53/54)The Juxtaposition Cross of Detail (62/61 | 3/50)The Juxtaposition Cross of Doubts (63/64 | 26/45)The Juxtaposition Cross of Empowering (14/8 | 59/55)The Juxtaposition Cross of Experience (35/5 | 22/47)The Juxtaposition Cross of Experimentation (16/9 | 63/64)The Juxtaposition Cross of Extremes (15/10 | 17/18)The Juxtaposition Cross of Fantasy (41/31 | 44/24)The Juxtaposition Cross of Fates (30/29 | 34/20)The Juxtaposition Cross of Focus (9/16 | 64/63)The Juxtaposition Cross of Formulization (4/49 | 8/14)The Juxtaposition Cross of Grace (22/47 | 11/12)The Juxtaposition Cross of Habits (5/35 | 47/22)The Juxtaposition Cross of Ideas (11/12 | 46/25)The Juxtaposition Cross of Influence (31/41 | 24/44)The Juxtaposition Cross of Innocence (25/46 | 58/52)The Juxtaposition Cross of Insight (43/23 | 29/30)The Juxtaposition Cross of Interaction (7/13 | 23/43)The Juxtaposition Cross of Intuition (57/51 | 62/61)The Juxtaposition Cross of Limitation (60/56 | 28/27)The Juxtaposition Cross of Listening (13/7 | 43/23)The Juxtaposition Cross of Moods (55/59 | 9/16)The Juxtaposition Cross of Mutation (3/50 | 41/31)The Juxtaposition Cross of Need (19/33 | 1/2)The Juxtaposition Cross of Opinions (17/18 | 38/39)The Juxtaposition Cross of Opposition (38/39 | 57/51)The Juxtaposition Cross of Oppression (47/22 | 12/11)The Juxtaposition Cross of Possession (45/26 | 36/6)The Juxtaposition Cross of Power (34/20 | 40/37)The Juxtaposition Cross of Principles (49/4 | 14/8)The Juxtaposition Cross of Provocation (39/38 | 51/57)The Juxtaposition Cross of Rationalization (24/44 | 13/7)The Juxtaposition Cross of Retreat (33/19 | 2/1)The Juxtaposition Cross of Risks (28/27 | 33/19)The Juxtaposition Cross of Self-Expression (1/2 | 4/49)The Juxtaposition Cross of Serendipity (46/25 | 52/58)The Juxtaposition Cross of Shock (51/57 | 61/62)The Juxtaposition Cross of Stillness (52/58 | 21/48)The Juxtaposition Cross of Stimulation (56/60 | 27/28)The Juxtaposition Cross of Strategy (59/55 | 16/9)The Juxtaposition Cross of the Driver (2/1 | 49/4)The Juxtaposition Cross of the Now (20/34 | 37/40)The Juxtaposition Cross of the Trickster (26/45 | 6/36)The Juxtaposition Cross of Thinking (61/62 | 50/3)The Juxtaposition Cross of Values (50/3 | 31/41)The Juxtaposition Cross of Vitality (58/52 | 48/21)The Left Angle Cross of Alignment 2 (28/27 | 33/19)The Left Angle Cross of Alignment (27/28 | 19/33)The Left Angle Cross of Confrontation 2 (26/45 | 6/36)The Left Angle Cross of Confrontation (45/26 | 36/6)The Left Angle Cross of Cycles 2 (54/53 | 32/42)The Left Angle Cross of Cycles (53/54 | 42/32)The Left Angle Cross of Dedication 2 (43/23 | 29/30)The Left Angle Cross of Dedication (23/43 | 30/29)The Left Angle Cross of Defiance 2 (1/2 | 4/49)The Left Angle Cross of Defiance (2/1 | 49/4)The Left Angle Cross of Demands 2 (58/52 | 48/21)The Left Angle Cross of Demands (52/58 | 21/48)The Left Angle Cross of Distraction 2 (60/56 | 28/27)The Left Angle Cross of Distraction (56/60 | 27/28)The Left Angle Cross of Dominion 2 (64/63 | 45/26)The Left Angle Cross of Dominion (63/64 | 26/45)The Left Angle Cross of Duality 2 (34/20 | 40/37)The Left Angle Cross of Duality (20/34 | 37/40)The Left Angle Cross of Education 2 (11/12 | 46/25)The Left Angle Cross of Education (12/11 | 25/46)The Left Angle Cross of Endeavour 2 (48/21 | 53/54)The Left Angle Cross of Endeavour (21/48 | 54/53)The Left Angle Cross of Healing 2 (46/25 | 52/58)The Left Angle Cross of Healing (25/46 | 58/52)The Left Angle Cross of Identification 2 (9/16 | 64/63)The Left Angle Cross of Identification (16/9 | 63/64)The Left Angle Cross of Incarnation 2 (44/24 | 7/13)The Left Angle Cross of Incarnation (24/44 | 13/7)The Left Angle Cross of Individualism 2 (38/39 | 57/51)The Left Angle Cross of Individualism (39/38 | 51/57)The Left Angle Cross of Industry 2 (29/30 | 20/34)The Left Angle Cross of Industry (30/29 | 34/20)The Left Angle Cross of Informing 2 (47/22 | 12/11)The Left Angle Cross of Informing (22/47 | 11/12)The Left Angle Cross of Limitation 2 (32/42 | 56/60)The Left Angle Cross of Limitation (42/32 | 60/56)The Left Angle Cross of Masks 2 (7/13 | 23/43)The Left Angle Cross of Masks (13/7 | 43/23)The Left Angle Cross of Migration 2 (40/37 | 35/5)The Left Angle Cross of Migration (37/40 | 5/35)The Left Angle Cross of Obscuration 2 (61/62 | 50/3)The Left Angle Cross of Obscuration (62/61 | 3/50)The Left Angle Cross of Prevention 2 (10/15 | 18/17)The Left Angle Cross of Prevention (15/10 | 17/18)The Left Angle Cross of Refinement 2 (19/33 | 1/2)The Left Angle Cross of Refinement (33/19 | 2/1)The Left Angle Cross of Revolution 2 (4/49 | 8/14)The Left Angle Cross of Revolution (49/4 | 14/8)The Left Angle Cross of Separation 2 (5/35 | 47/22)The Left Angle Cross of Separation (35/5 | 22/47)The Left Angle Cross of Spirit 2 (59/55 | 16/9)The Left Angle Cross of Spirit (55/59 | 9/16)The Left Angle Cross of the Alpha 2 (41/31 | 44/24)The Left Angle Cross of the Alpha (31/41 | 24/44)The Left Angle Cross of the Clarion 2 (57/51 | 62/61)The Left Angle Cross of the Clarion (51/57 | 61/62)The Left Angle Cross of the Plane 2 (6/36 | 15/10)The Left Angle Cross of the Plane (36/6 | 10/15)The Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty 2 (14/8 | 59/55)The Left Angle Cross of Uncertainty (8/14 | 55/59)The Left Angle Cross of Upheaval 2 (18/17 | 39/38)The Left Angle Cross of Upheaval (17/18 | 38/39)The Left Angle Cross of Wishes 2 (50/3 | 31/41)The Left Angle Cross of Wishes (3/50 | 41/31)The Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 2 (35/5 | 63/64)The Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3 (64/63 | 35/5)The Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 4 (5/35 | 64/63)The Right Angle Cross of Consciousness (63/64 | 5/35)The Right Angle Cross of Contagion 2 (8/14 | 30/29)The Right Angle Cross of Contagion 3 (29/30 | 8/14)The Right Angle Cross of Contagion 4 (14/8 | 29/30)The Right Angle Cross of Contagion (30/29 | 14/8)The Right Angle Cross of Eden 2 (12/11 | 36/6)The Right Angle Cross of Eden 3 (6/36 | 12/11)The Right Angle Cross of Eden 4 (11/12 | 6/36)The Right Angle Cross of Explanation 2 (23/43 | 49/4)The Right Angle Cross of Explanation 3 (4/49 | 23/43)The Right Angle Cross of Explanation 4 (43/23 | 4/49)The Right Angle Cross of Explanation (49/4 | 43/23)The Right Angle Cross of Laws 2 (56/60 | 3/50)The Right Angle Cross of Laws 3 (50/3 | 56/60)The Right Angle Cross of Laws 4 (60/56 | 50/3)The Right Angle Cross of Laws (3/50 | 60/56)The Right Angle Cross of Maya 2 (62/61 | 42/32)The Right Angle Cross of Maya 3 (32/42 | 62/61)The Right Angle Cross of Maya 4 (61/62 | 32/42)The Right Angle Cross of Maya (42/32 | 61/62)The Right Angle Cross of Penetration 2 (53/54 | 51/57)The Right Angle Cross of Penetration 3 (57/51 | 53/54)The Right Angle Cross of Penetration 4 (54/53 | 57/51)The Right Angle Cross of Penetration (51/57 | 54/53)The Right Angle Cross of Planning 2 (16/9 | 37/40)The Right Angle Cross of Planning 3 (40/37 | 16/9)The Right Angle Cross of Planning 4 (9/16 | 40/37)The Right Angle Cross of Planning (37/40 | 9/16)The Right Angle Cross of Rulership 2 (45/26 | 22/47)The Right Angle Cross of Rulership 3 (47/22 | 45/26)The Right Angle Cross of Rulership 4 (26/45 | 47/22)The Right Angle Cross of Rulership (22/47 | 26/45)The Right Angle Cross of Service 2 (52/58 | 17/18)The Right Angle Cross of Service 3 (18/17 | 52/58)The Right Angle Cross of Service 4 (58/52 | 18/17)The Right Angle Cross of Service (17/18 | 58/52)The Right Angle Cross of Tension 2 (39/38 | 21/48)The Right Angle Cross of Tension 3 (48/21 | 39/38)The Right Angle Cross of Tension 4 (38/39 | 48/21)The Right Angle Cross of Tension (21/48 | 38/39)The Right Angle Cross of the Eden (36/6 | 11/12)The Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways 2 (33/19 | 24/44)The Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways 3 (44/24 | 33/19)The Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways 4 (19/33 | 44/24)The Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways (24/44 | 19/33)The Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix 2 (20/34 | 55/59)The Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix 3 (59/55 | 20/34)The Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix 4 (34/20 | 59/55)The Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix (55/59 | 34/20)The Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx 2 (2/1 | 13/7)The Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx 3 (7/13 | 2/1)The Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx 4 (1/2 | 7/13)The Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx (13/7 | 1/2)The Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected 2 (31/41 | 27/28)The Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected 3 (28/27 | 31/41)The Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected 4 (41/31 | 28/27)The Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected (27/28 | 41/31)The Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love 2 (15/10 | 25/46)The Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love 3 (46/25 | 15/10)The Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love (25/46 | 10/15)The Right Angle Cross of Vessel of Love 4 (10/15 | 46/25)
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Human Design Channels

A Channel is composed of two Gates and connects two Centers. When two Gates at either end of the Channel are activated this creates what we call definition, described by the colored-in Channels present in your design.

Basically, this can be seen as the communication between the Centers. Each Channel delineates a specific theme, or essential aspect of experiencing life as a human being, within the framework of the greater collective. If you have a defined Channel, it characterizes a specific theme, function or gift that is consistent and reliable.

01 – 08 – Inspiration

Now the 8-1, because it is a self-projected creativity, remember that it has to be recognized. And here you have something unusual because here you have the only creative voice of the individual. Now it’s interesting to note that. This is the only creative voice of the individual and the only creative voice of the individual says, “I know I can make a contribution or not.”

In order for the individual to be truly creative, they have to empower the other. Their natural contribution is the empowerment of the other. The 8-1 is rooted in the most creative, the only hexagram called creative, in that sense, which is the first hexagram.

When you look at the fact that individual creativity is all rooted in the identity, that’s the first thing. The second thing to see is the 10th gate in the 10-57 is about love, and the 25th gate is about love. And the two loves, at that level, are universal and self-love, and the 1st gate is the primary gate of direction. That is, a primary gate of what we call mutation or evolution.

Remember that the direction we move in mutatively is conditioned by the 2nd gate, that is the opposite of the 1st gate in the zodiac, and it’s the opposite of the 1st gate in the design. And the 2nd gate is the actual direction, the driver. But the 7, the 1, and the 13 are just perspectives. That is, the 7’s perspective is where the drive will lead to in the future, and the 13’s perspective is where have we come from in the past. But the 1st is just there driving. And it’s driving in that direction following the 2nd gate’s lead. It’s there to bring the existential mutation—the existential contribution. It has a voice and that means that the primary creative function of the 8-1 is acoustic and verbal.

There are a number of opera singers. I can’t remember which are which because I did a whole group of them. But I think it’s Jose Carreras and Pavarotti that both have the 8-1, but I’m not sure. (Note: Both have Gate 1 only.) But any way, this is individual verbal creativity. – source

02 – 14 – The Beat

It is the mutation of direction and it can be extremely successful at the material level, the nature of the 14th gate, possession in great measure. The tradition of the I Ching is that this is the wagon that can be overloaded and full of goods. This is a tremendous power and it is a skill. If you look carefully, this is a gate of power skills—how to use power for only one thing, to keep moving in your direction only.

Now think of what it means to be a 2-14. If that’s the only definition you have, the only way you know you’re in the right direction is if you respond. Otherwise, you can never be in the right direction. Somebody asks you, “Is this the way to go?” and you go ‘uh-huh.’ Boy, are you ever right and right for them. And if somebody needs to know something from you and you respond positively, you are bringing them mutative direction. And for yourself in your own life, you have to wait in order to recognize and respond to what is the right direction for you. In other words, a 2-14 has to be offered a smorgasbord of opportunities in order to recognize which one to respond to so that can be their direction.

It’s so important for us that 2-14s operate correctly according to their Type, and it’s the thing to recognize about the nature of evolutionary direction. The nature of evolution is that it doesn’t just make jumps all the time. That’s why this is really the symbol of our evolutionary process. In other words, it is a pulse.

When we were talking about emotional individuality, I talked to you about the plane, the plateau, and about spiking. And the whole thing about the nature of the 2-14 and its direction is that it goes along and goes along and goes along and goes along in the same direction, like the individual that has the same breakfast every morning. Goes along, goes along, goes along and then it’s possible, in the pulse, in the space between that suddenly there is a mutation and then, the new mutative direction. – source

03 – 60 – Mutation

The Channel of Mutation links the Root Center to the Sacral Center through the Gate of Acceptance (60) and the Gate of Ordering (3). The potential for evolutionary change that comes through this unpredictable, mutative and melancholic channel depends on one's capacity to accept limitation (Gate 60) and transcend the confusion of new beginnings (Gate 3).

Background: Gate 60 is the hub of all evolutionary possibilities, while gate 3 is always reaching for what is new and potentially viable, one possibility at a time. The underlying current or frequency governing this adrenalized generating Channel of Mutation is the format energy of Individual Circuitry. Its potent, on/off pulsing energy, associated with melancholy, permeates the way those with channel live out their unique designs. This is an energy that also conditions or deeply affects everyone around them.

Personal: Your key to living with this melancholic process, a mechanical moodiness, is to avoid trying to reason it away. It is better to remain patient and alert as you wait for the new mutation to arrive on the scene through you. Time spent alone with your muse, when the pulse o mutation is off, can deepen and enrich your inner journey. Although you can't always see it, something is stirring underneath and what is not yet ready to emerge continues to gestate and grow. This endless movement from chaos to order to chaos is the nature of the format energy as it always engenders the possibility for something new to come into the world. You only have to accept the limitation inherent in not knowing when this change (this pulse) will happen, and surrender to your Sacral response to bring the energy of change to all of us.

Interpersonal: Like music, mutation takes place suddenly, unexpectedly, in the gaps or the spaces between the pulses, or notes. It forces everyone to adapt or change, or be left behind. Those with the Channel of Mutation feel the pressure to bring innovation and renewal to their lives, jobs, families and the world around them. The Root Center's constant pressure creates inner tension during the times when the on/off pulses off and seemingly nothing is happening. This is experienced on a chemical level in the body as melancholy. As agents of mutation and change, Individuals may find themselves trying to give reasons for their moods, and getting caught in the discomforting, shadow place themselves which they normally tend to avoid. If they give in to this shadow, or do not wait of the correct response, the pressure to change the way things are done can lead to deep personal frustration and depression, as well as instability and chaos in this around them. – source

04 – 63 – Logic

This is the initiating sequence of logic. If you were to trace the scientific process from its inception to completion, the 63/4 is the inspiration for the creation of a hypothesis. The Channel of Logic starts in the Head with a question..."Can this be true?" Followed by a need for proof that is demonstrated throughout the rest of the circuit and eventually shared. This is a highly visual channel and also associated with dreaming and sometimes, insanity. The pressure to prove and the ensuing suspicion can be challenging if the Head Center is undefined. – source

05 – 15 – Rhythm

Rhythm. This is a tantric channel, a channel of energy that gives direction (G-Center) to Life Force (Sacral). The Channel of Rhythm is an energy that we share with many living things. It is the energy of the rhythm of nature itself. If you think about the natural world, it has rhythm built into it. The natural world is ruled by rhythm. Electricity and other inventions of modern life have liberated us from natural rhythms. But, possibly, with consequences that will affect all of humanity. This energy is about aligning humanity with nature. If we step away from the natural order, humanity stands a chance of suffering. The archetype of the chart begs of us to exert our free will but to remember that we are deeply tied to the natural world. We cannot override the forces of nature. People with this energy usually have a deep connection to nature and animals and need this connection to find direction for their spirit. If you have this energy, going outside can often help you stay calm and clear. This is especially true for children. People with the 15/5 need rhythm to feel secure. Rhythm gives direction to the sacral and to work force energy. People with this energy also have an unusually large aura and stand out energetically. They get noticed. This is important because, ultimately, this energy is vital for the sustainability of mankind. Because this energy is so deeply tied with all mammals and nature, people with this energy can often communicate with animals, use plants and herbs and can even have a deep tie with the elemental kingdom. This is a magical energy; the archetype of fairies, gnomes and elves. People with this energy are often staunch environmental activists seeking to align the collective with natural order. – source

06 – 59 – Intimacy

The Channel of Mating – 59-6 links the Sacral Center through the 59, the Gate of Dispersion, to the 6, the Gate of Conflict in the Emotional Center. This channel represents Reproduction, which is the fundamental genetic drive in humans.

Since it’s also a part of the Tribal circuitry the element of support is present here. This channel can result in conceiving a child and so support is obviously an important thing.

A person with this channel gives and gets support through being intimate. The image of a mother and father hugging each other and staring at her pregnant belly is the energy of this channel: two people giving each other support through intimacy.

Living together intimately usually includes conflict (the 6), and we know how emotional that can be. The 59 responds to the emotional turbulence of conflict and seeks to disperse it – thereby restoring the connection between people. The process functions in a variety of ways and is no longer limited to reproduction.

We can see it at work trying to reestablish the connection between cultures and religions in the world today. The ability humans have demonstrated over the millennia to survive are, to a great extent, due to the energy of the Defense circuit.

07 – 31 – The Alpha

I’ve known people who have the 31-7 who really kind of think that’s it’s very Leonian. It’s all Leo; they get this kind of, “Well, I’m a leader.” This is a projected element. And you can see 31-7s when they play out their leadership role when they’re young, and you see them at the playground. And there’s the 31-7 verbal gunslinger saying, “We’re going to go over to the swings now.” And everybody goes in another direction. Everybody! Everybody! It’s an amazing thing. Nobody pays attention.

You see, alphas are made, and they’re made by others. The alpha is selected by the others. I have watched that. You can see that take place in animals. I’ve had many litters of dogs in my life, and you can see how quickly the alpha establishes themselves. Quick. And the others have to agree to it; otherwise, it’s always a two-way street.

So the 31-7, yes, they do have wonderful skills of leadership. That’s what they’re here for. But the nature of that leadership is that they can never say, “I am the leader. Follow me.” They always have to wait for somebody to say, “You’re the one that can lead us. Will you?” And then they say, “I am the leader. Follow me,” and everybody follows. It’s so simple. And then everybody thinks they’re great leaders. Unless they have the 7.4 (the abdicator) and eventually get tired of them and people fire them. That’s okay, too.

One of those things to be clear about is that the power of logic suffers so much in humanity because it’s all projected, and it’s all projected gunslingers, and so you’ve got all this talk. Go into a new age bookstore and look at how many of them are going to tell you they’re logical. And go into any kind of bookstore and look at all of the concepts, the so-called logical concepts that would change everybody’s life.

New architecture, new plumbing, new this, new that, new societies. It’s an endless piece of business. It’s all projection. And the only way that it’s ever going to work, and the only way that it’s ever going to get any respect is if these people live out the nature of their Type. That’s all they have to do.

At the moment that any Ajna to the Throat is ready to wait to have its aura recognized, it will get its mind recognized as a reward. And that feels very good, that the other will listen. In terms of logic, it is essential. And it’s essential that we have reliable facts, because it’s the only way that we’re going to be healthy, if we really know how things work. We can’t do anything about them until we are identified with them as a collective, and then we can act.

When I was a kid, the neighborhood I lived in was very nice and quiet. When I was growing up, there were maybe eight or nine houses in the area. There were no traffic lights; they weren’t necessary. Over a period of ten years, that neighborhood began to expand. There was a lot more traffic and city busses and all kinds of things. Several of the parents on different occasions had gotten together and said maybe we should get a traffic light. There was what had become a busy corner. It was discussed, but nothing was done. There were plans. They had talked about it, all of the collective, logical stuff that goes on. It took the death of a little girl who got hit by a car at that corner. And the next day, I mean the next day, the city brought a light and set it up.

Now, this is the whole thing about collective and collective action. The thing for us is not to have to wait until a little child dies before we do something, as a metaphor for us. This is what happens when you have a very confused collective field. You have all kinds of competition, and I use ‘competition’ in the terms of ‘best.’ You’ve got the best theory when somebody spends money on it. That’s ‘best’ in the logical process. And you’ve got this enormous competition to find energy amongst those in our society that are organizing us. In order for us to be secure in the patterns, we have to be able to finance that. We have to be able to pay for it.

Throughout the United States, throughout the Western world, throughout most of the world now, there is a desperate need of governments to be able to supply optic fiber so that we can all live in the technological new age. Now that’s an enormous investment. There were many societies who saw that much earlier than other societies. Until you get around to the time where the pattern, the logical pattern is self-evident, only then slowly can you gather the resources to be able to do something to be able to ensure the security for the future. It’s essential for us.

When you look at the way that government is run, because government is collective business, you can see what government bureaucracy really is. How many investigations are going on, and I mean normal things, exploratory papers, committees, and committees of committees and committees of committees of committees to look at this and that and the other thing. You’re paying as taxpayers for all of that logical stuff to take place before any action can come of it. Most of the dollars that are spent on looking at theory and what theory can be turned into practice, never gets to practice. Never. It’s astonishing.

So one of the most important things in the awakening of living your design is the possibility of slowly being able to bring into proper perspective the logical process and how it should really work. Part of that way is that the logical verbal gunslinger, whether that is from the 17-62—what we’ve been looking at, or its other variations—the moment they’re living out their Type, we’re going to get cleaner material. That’s what we need. We really need things that truly can be organized, and we really need as much of the facts as is humanly possible for us to get. The moment that those facts are there, automatically the opportunity for experimenting with it should be there. – source


Here we have the final expression of logic, democratic leadership. The leadership here has to be recognized or it is not effective. This is not dictatorship or extreme rulership. This is leadership recognized by the people based on its demonstration over time of its effectiveness. The 7/31 will be called out by others. This is a leadership energy that is a result of a group of people agreeing to rule themselves. The ultimate expression of humanity in groups is democracy. If someone with the 7/31 tries to force leadership, then you have a revolution and a new regime that is not logical - it has not withstood the test of time and consequently has to start over with logic and "prove" itself to be effective - otherwise it will be subject to being overthrown. It is a profound thing to see that the highest expression of self-determination in the collective circuitry is democracy and helps us understand that all people eventually want the freedom to govern themselves in a way that is egalitarian and fair. This isn't just a philosophy or a belief. Democracy is perfectly and beautifully human. – source

09 – 52 – Concentration

What we are dealing with is the Channel of Concentration. And the concentration, in a sense, aspects are derived from both the activations, but what it becomes is something else. This concentration is not sitting still. But keeping still is an aspect of concentration, but they are not the same thing. To be still doesn’t mean that one is necessarily concentrated at all. Show me somebody with the 52nd gate that does not have the 9th gate and I will show you somebody who, in sitting still, is not concentrated. They’re uncomfortable and irritated. It’s something else.

It’s the same thing about the 9th gate, this Taming Power of the Small, the potential that is fulfilled through detailed attention to all aspects. But that’s not concentration. That’s an energy potential. It isn’t necessarily focused, this Channel of Focus and Concentration, a Design of determination. We always think that the channel is the gates. If you ask people to describe a channel for you rather than dealing with the keynote and the Design of the channel and elaborating on that, they will talk gates. They’ll either describe it with the accent on one end of the system or the other end. But it’s the channel.

This is the format energy to concentrate. And of course, that concentrate is more than the intellectual concentration; we’re talking about an energy format, to concentrate things, to bring them closer together. And it is a determined energy. It builds momentum. You notice that when you first begin to have to study when you’re in school and you’re studying for some kind of examination. What you notice about that is that the concentration isn’t there until there is a point where somehow you’re lost in it. You get lost in it. Everything gets honed into what that determined focus is going to be. And this is an energy that’s driving the whole logical process, the whole pattern process. – source


Focus and Concentration. This energy is a format energy of the Root. It pulses "on" or "off". This is the energy for focus and concentration or not. When the pulse is on, it adrenalizes the Sacral and things get done. When the pulse is off, it may seem challenging to learn and master. This channel is the beginning of the flow of energy up the middle of the chart. Now we are headed to expression through Life Force (the Sacral to the Throat). The Logical process has been proven, now we are dealing with the energies of applying the Logic with the collective. Remember, this is about sharing with the group the hypothesis that is true or the talent we have mastered. Focus and concentration is the ability to take the understanding and apply it into action. The next 3 channels are about "doing" logic in groups. The Focus and Concentration of the 9/52 is about learning and doing repetitively so that patterns can be established as collective behavior. This is the energy for reading about experiments in books or research journals and duplicating and applying the results in life. – source

10 – 20 – Awakening

It's about transformation & self-love. It is the energy for spiritual awakening, empowerment & love of self and it can empower others. The knowledge of enlightenment and self-love can be shared only in response to something outside of yourself. Sharing by initiating (without responding) will either be ignored or seen as critical. Correct energy will be empowering and incorrect use of this energy will be dis-empowering. – source

10 – 34 – Exploration

The Gate 10 is the gate of the Behavior of the Self and the Gate 34 is the Gate of Power. When this channel comes together it is purely generated and it is through response that the perfected form of power can happen. In this channel, through response people with this energy are behaving with their power correctly or they are behaving in a way that is powerfully correct. This is a deeply individual channel and when you are in its presence, you will be drawn into behaving correctly as long as you are responding. The beauty of this channel is that it is purely generated. People with the 10/34 merely need to act correctly in response in order to demonstrate power. There is no convincing or sharing here. There is no throat center here. This is pure empowerment by being and responding and, as with all individual circuitry, these people can deeply empower others simply by being the purest expression of the self. You can see how this is a small step “up” from integration. Here we go from individuation to individuality, acting correctly and empowering through right action by being. – source

10 – 57 – Perfected Form

The Channel of Perfected Form, 10-57, links the Spleen Center through the 57, the Gate of Intuitive Clarity, to the 10, the Gate of the Behavior of the Self in the G Center.

This is the creative channel of integration. The Spleen Center takes care of our physical health and well-being and the G Center relates to our sense of purpose and connectedness here in life.

The `57 is the Gate of potentially pure Intuition, and is based on the ability to detect very subtle differences in sound. This intuition is not a mental or feeling process, it is a `knowing' that on some level, sounds have altered. Gate 10 is the place of fixing, or modifying, one’s own behavior patterns.

The result is a design for personal survival. The creativity of this channel isn't creativity for others, rather this is where creative strategies are developed specifically for one's own survival. It is the channel in which we creatively modify and enhance our behavioral patterns to survive.

People with this channel somehow or other come through all kinds of disasters and upsets, hopefully through being alert to their Intuition and modifying their lives accordingly.

As a side note (not necessarily worth telling your client), people with this channel have a deep sense of form and how to perfect it. It is not a general rule, but a lot of interior designers, architects, stylists, etc have this channel. Certainly on the primal level this is about survival, but most of us do not live in the jungle.

The more subtle aspects of this channel is not about increasing survival but simply about increasing our standard of living through improving our surroundings (this the interior designer side note).

11 – 56 – Curiosity

The Channel of Curiosity - 11-56, links the Ajna Center through the 11, the Gate of Peace, to the 56, the Gate of The Wanderer in the Throat Center. The 11/56 never stops looking, thus it is also referred to as the design of the seeker and the searcher.

What must be understood about the 11-56 is that it is the seeking that moves them - not the finding. No matter what or how much they find they just have to keep on searching for something else.

As part of the Collective Sensing circuit, of course, the 11-56 also has a need to share its interpretation of history - the past. And they have the ability to make up an interpretation of the past and share it with the rest of us. For the 11-56, the Aha! comes when it sparks an idea. It’s important for them that while the idea is to be shared it’s not necessarily a call to action. In the Collective logic circuitry we can share a common pattern that we're all sure of - but with the past that can't be done.

It's simply the fact that everyone's experience of an event is different so there are many interpretations – many pasts, and thus many ideas. This is another projector channel, so whether or not anyone else will resonate the sense of things or the ideas the 11-56 has depends upon whether or not they’ve been recognized or invited to share them.

12 – 22 – Openness

The 12/22 is a very mysterious channel. Think about social dynamics. If you think about the tribe you have two specifically social channels for the tribe. That is, the 59/6, obviously the intimacy of the 59/6 and the 40/37, the channel of community. These are so-called social channels. There is only one other social channel. That’s the 22/12. Every collective channel is social.

So, when you see social capacity diminished you begin to understand something about beings as well and the way in which the layer of humanity is structured. The collective is social at every possible level, so we end up with multiracial societies in certain places where people can all exist together, and so forth and so on. This is collective. It is social at any level. But the moment that you step into the tribe, you can see that the tribe is very limited in when it will be social. It will be social in order to make more. It will be social within its own community to maintain its viability. But this is a closed off social environment.

You notice that any time you step into a foreign tribe’s environment. You know it right away. You are neither somebody who is part of the intimacy or part of the community and you’re not going to receive any kind of true social invitation into that, unless you happen to sneak into the farmer’s daughter’s bedroom. That may change the story. Either you’re shot gunned, or you get married, one or the other.

But when you come to individuality it has one and only one social dimension. I know. This is an incredible limitation in the individual. Individuals are deeply handicapped when it comes to establishing social bonds. Now of course, when we come to the nature of seeing the holistic BodyGraph we know very well that people have all kinds of mixes of aspects within their design. So, I’m speaking just theoretically here from an absolute point of view; in other words, looking at the pure individual. Somebody like me, as an example, that only has individual definition, only having individual definition gives one a handicap socially.

Now, I have some advantages in that I do have the 12th gate, I do have the 40th gate, so I have certain ways, and I have certain collective gates, in which I can learn and connect to the tribe and the collective. But it’s not natural. So, when you’re looking at the 12/22 you’re looking at something very unique, in a sense. Individuality is not allowed to be social because it’s not here to be influenced. It’s not collective. It’s not here to be influenced. Individuality is here to express mutation. That’s the whole point of having individuality in the BodyGraph. It is the evolutionary process in all of us.

So, it’s not here to be influenced, which means it’s difficult for individuality to form those kinds of long-term bonds, because it’s very difficult for them to actually embrace the social dimension. It’s against their nature. And yet, the irony in all of that is that all of our concepts of romance come from individuality, this yearning for the bond, because it’s so difficult to find it. And of course, where do we find that? We find that in this stream from the 12 to the 22 to the 55 to the 39, it is here in this stream that all of these concepts of romantic love and all of these things exist. It’s interesting to see it in that way; and to understand the loneliness, in that sense, of individuality, that loneliness of “why can’t I?”

So, the 12/22 becomes a mechanism not for the individual to be able to express their romance, but for the individual to be able to seduce the collective with its mutation, because the collective lives on social interaction. Individual action is intended only to mutate the collective. And you can see it in the expression of the 12/22, because this is the channel of a social or an anti-social being. It is so easy for this to be turned off, because the whole point is mutation. And the whole point is to be able to mutate the other with this voice.

The individual takes action to try to affect the other. And that you can see that in the 12 and in the 35, you have fundamental Manifestor themes, the impact that we talk about in terms of a Manifestor. This impact is in both of these gates. It is what drives us. One drives us experientially and the other mutates us as we move along. It’s very powerful in their impact—manifesting gates. So, for the individual it is all about this possibility in action to impact the other, to make them fall in love and not necessarily with you as a being, but what you have to say or what you have to offer or what you know. I know that. – source

13 – 33 – The Prodigal

The Channel of the Prodigal – 33-13 links the G Center through the 13, the Gate of The Fellowship With Man, to the 33, the Gate of Retreat in the Throat Center. The last channel in the abstract collective, the Prodigal is one who goes into the world then returns to his village/tribe and shares the knowledge it found – typically by saying "I remember……..". Every Autobiography and Biography ever written represents this channel.

For this channel the experience is less in doing and more in listening to what others have to say - in discovering the secrets of the world and then sharing them. The 33/13, then, is the natural close of the maturation process in each cycle.

This is the Bard of ancient times who traveled the kingdom collecting the news, the gossip, and the stories which he would then share at every court he visited – usually in the form of a tale. In this way, everyone in the kingdom had the opportunity to reflect on the kingdom at large.

As a Projector channel, the 13-33 relies for it’s success upon being recognized and invited. The great bards of the old world had a standing invitation at all of the courts, and the lesser ones had an invitation in the commons of all the villages.

For centuries this was the tradition that supported human knowledge. It is the 13-33 that insists we store our memory and share it at the same time - store it as memory, keep it alive as memory and then pass it on.

There is a useful tip to give people with this channel: At the end of every day, every relationship, every meal, every movie....At the end of every experience, take a moment to reflect on it. The 33rd gate is the gate of retreat. People with this channel should retreat and reflect after an experience so that they can learn from the experience and then go out and share what they learned.

16 – 48 – The Wavelength

Here we bring the intuitive expression of logic to the throat. Notice, again that this channel has no direct access to energy. That means that talent and mastery have to be recognized by others when the timing is right. Talent is expressed through practice over time but talent also struggles for resources and money because it has to be seen to be supported. The arts are always hungry for money and support. This is why shows and exhibitions are important for artists of all types. They have to be seen. This channel represents the intuitive expression of talent blended together with repetition over time. Talent is raw and undeveloped without practice. Everyone has some kind of talent. The question is are you willing to practice to become a master? Mastery happens over time. The energy for enthusiasm and depth is contained in this channel. There is right timing in this channel. Do not express the depth with enthusiasm until you are have practiced and achieved mastery...otherwise you look silly. – source

17 – 62 – Acceptance

Gives voice to the initiation of the logical circuit. This is the verbal formulation of the logical hypothesis or question. Note that this is still a question. There is no energy in the mind and the speakings of the mind are just ideas without energy. As with all things spoken from the Ajna, it is projected and is only heard and acted upon correctly when invited or recognized. Hypothesis without proof is purely conjecture and opinions. Unsubstantiated ideas that can be experimented with once recognized but resisted mightily when not asked for. The struggle of Logic is for energy. All energies within this circuit do best either in response or through recognition. Without these key activations, ideas are just word carried away on the wind. The flow of the 17/62 takes us from speculation and conjecture in the Gate 17 to a practical answer in the Gate 62. Note that it is still only a possible answer, not THE answer. No energy or action here. Opinions are formed in this part of the circuit. This can be a difficult energy if you have it in your chart. We like to share opinions. But not everyone wants to hear them. If you absolutely have to share your thoughts, always ask first if it's okay to share them. It can soften the impact of this energy significantly. – source

18 – 58 – Judgement

Judgment. Can pose some serious challenges to those who carry this energy. First of all, notice that this channel is way far down in the chart and has no access to the throat. And also notice that this is one of the energy Centers in this circuit (the Root). One of the challenges of Logic is getting the energy to the Throat. This is why Logic is so has to be proven over time and meets with resistance until it stands the test of time. The Channel of Judgment is purely projected, meaning it serves best when others ask for it. It contains the intuitive and energetic ability to make things correct in order to create a perfect expression of the Joy of Life. Imagine how hard it must be to watch others doing things in less than perfect ways, when you know exactly how to make it more correct and you can't say anything to fix it unless you are recognized or asked! This energy can be exceptionally challenging, especially if you also have the energy for opinions (Gate 17) in your chart. This energy is also exceptionally difficult for Projectors. The bottom line of this channel is that in order to be heard and for you to have the platform to correct in a "correct" way, you MUST wait for recognition if you have this channel. If you do not wait, then you run the risk of being perceived as critical by others and no one likes to be criticized. The beauty of this channel is that the correction in the 18 leads to the 58, the Joy of Life. When the 18 waits to be recognized, they clear the path for the perfected expression of the Joy of Life, the Root result of the Logical stream. – source

19 – 49 – Synthesis

The 19-49 links the Root Center through the 19, the Gate of Approach, to the 49, the Gate of Revolution in the Emotional Center. On the emotional side we leave the realm of money and enter the realm of belonging.

The 19-49 has the sensitivity to know who belongs to the tribe and who doesn’t. The support of the tribe is so deep that every member owes their life to every other member. There is nothing democratic or abstract about this.

Most of human history has been lived in tribes. In the tribe it is a very simple arrangement of love, honor and obedience that holds it all together. The basic needs of the tribe are security – shelter, food, protection for their young.

The 19 - 49 Channel is part of the stream of physical sensitivity in the Tribal Ego circuitry. It negotiates the world through the sense of touch, bringing people together, deciding who’s in, who’s out and who gets what.

It’s also very sensitive to its own position, wanting to be needed (to give support) and needing to be wanted (to be supported). When we look at the channel from this perspective and remember that it is a projected channel we see that for the 49-19 waiting to be invited is the critical first step. Their emotional response, over time, to being invited is critical to their happiness.

The pressure of the 19 to be connected can draw them into associations that are joyful - if they adhere to their Type and emotional clarity. Absent an invitation or lacking emotional clarity they can wind up in relationships that are characterized by constant rejection, of self and others.

20 – 34 – Charisma

Again, that single gate in the way in which it operates, the magic of the 34th gate, it is just simply empowering the intuition, empowering that ability to be able to suss out what's going on in the now. It is doing much more than that. It brings its power to the now. This is the driving force of the integration being, the 20/34. And you know how powerful this force is because it is one of the definitions that exist in the bodygraph that is in opposition in the wheel. So, it is very, very common to see it, people who have it as the Sun/Earth or people who have it nodally. And there are also those beings who just have it from planets, though it's rare. The fact is that the 20/34 is something that is incredibly common. It is a driving force of survival. And of course, you can see that the way in which the not-self lives out manifesting generating, in other words, the not-self that is suffering from Manifestor disease and meets more resistance than anybody else, that the real power and the glory of the 20/34 has long, long passed. It might have been very, very impressive a long time ago, but within the context of the not-self as the notself lives today, it’s really a mess. And yet, to see it for what its pure essence is: to be able to respond, to be able to respond through awareness in the now. This responding through awareness in the now is the power that the 34 brings to integration. It’s its main responsibility, in that sense. So, we're looking at two distinct life forces. We’re looking at the force of pure survival—stay alert, stay alert, stay alert—because that's what it is, stay alert, stay alert, ears open, be ready, be aware, anything can happen at any moment. Here we are on the verge of the Cross of the Unexpected. This is what life is at any moment, at anytime. This is the power that is inherent in this. And at the moment there's something, there is anything, then you have this incredible power. This is an incredible power. There really isn't anything like it. It is real powered action. You can see why pure Manifesting Generators have such an ordeal in shaking the Manifestor trip because they’ve been conditioned to think that they have to decide what to respond to mentally. And then they put their energy to work to what they think mentally they should be doing. And all they meet is resistance. This is a response mechanism. It is a response mechanism to take action in response. It’s why it's so important that 20/34s, as part of their life process, there are those beings in THE LIFE FORCE: The Channels A Digital Book for Newcomers The Life Force is a program of the (IHDS) International Human Design School All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2008 Jovian Archive Corporation 38 their life who can give them guidance. There are those beings who they can respond to in which their response is going to enrich their process. – source

20 – 57 – The Brainwave

The Channel of the Brainwave - 20-57, links the Spleen Center through the 57, the Gate of Intuitive Clarity, to the 20, the Gate of the Now in the Throat Center. This is the voice of intuition. One of the most extraordinary capacities humans have, via this channel, is pure intuition that can speak.

Although the spleen is in charge of health and well being, it’s not an energy center so while this channel can be very aware of what’s necessary for health and well being, it’s not necessarily able to actually do anything about it. The most profound function of this channel is to empower others to be intelligent. Here we have an individual deeply absorbed in intelligence. The spleen operates in the moment, and the 57 is always listening to the subtle cues of their environment, going beyond the surface details of what they are hearing.

Their focus is on strategies that will enable their well being, and then on how to actually express it. Their very focus becomes a way to share intelligence. And it all happens in the now. They will know in the now what is healthy for them. If they ignore that, the moment will pass and they will suffer for it. The best advice you could give someone with this channel is to listen to their instincts in the moment.

21 – 45 – The Money Line

The Channel of Materialism links the Throat Center through the 45, the Gate of Gathering Together, to the 21, the Gate of Biting Through in the Heart Center. For all of the power and influence of the Tribe over human affairs, it’s interesting to note that it only has one direct connection to the Throat – only one voice. The voice of the tribe is, “I have or I don’t have” (as heard in the 45).

The tribe wants two things: money and a secure and reliable commitment from everyone to be tribal together. The 45 is the King/Queen and the 21 is the Hunter/Huntress. It is the responsibility of the two working together to make sure the tribe has these two things.

Materialism is the way of the 21-45, and what really satisfies it is putting money to work. This is the channel that has developed the simple business model of barter or village trade into the complex business models we have today. People with this channel have the education (45) and the control (21) to understand and direct financial dealings on a more complex level - the stock market, banks, speculation, the kinds of business venture that return dividends on investment over time.

For those kinds of money-making enterprises to succeed requires the support of many and it requires that each person involved be knowledgeable and trustworthy in keeping their part of the deal. This is the apex of the Tribal qualities. But no matter how complex the structure, at its core are the same basic two things: money and the community that uses it.

23 – 43 – Structuring

The Channel of Structuring - 43-23, links the Throat Center through the 23, the Gate of Splitting Apart, to the 43, the Gate of Breakthrough in the Ajna Center. Here we see the channel of the expression of individual mind. Concepts are grasped as insights that have broken through in gate 43 and re-structured, then expressed in the 23rd gate.

Called the channel of genius to freak, their unusual perspective reflects an ability to hold to their own point of view, at times to the exclusion of hearing or being affected by what others have to say about their ideas. That doesn't mean that they actually know anything; it just means that is what they say. Sometimes they know, other times they don't.

The channel is subtitled "Genius to Freak" implying a great range of possible insights and expressions. Just because a person expresses something is no guarantee that they have expressed it intelligibly. Often the freak appellation is the result of poor communication rather than faulty insight. When the expression of those with this channel is grasped by others successfully they are considered geniuses, and if not understood, they seem like freaks.

Anyone who has this channel must learn two very important things: Speech skills and patience. Speech skills to reach the audience and, because this is a projector channel, patience to wait for recognition so they have an audience that is ready to hear what they have to say.

The ability of the "knower" is to empower others structurally. This channel is always structuring, and it's ultimate gift is to make things more efficient. What you have to realize about these people is that if they can explain to you how to be more efficient, they have been able to mutate you. The contribution those with this channel bring to us is to enhance our acceptance of those who are different and the role they play in the transformation of our old order into new forms and values.

24 – 61 – Awareness

The Channel of the Thinker - 61-24, links the Head Center through the 61, the Gate of Inner Truth and Mystery, to the 24, the Gate of Returning in the Ajna Center. People with this channel tend to think that sooner or later, if they think about something enough, they will find the truth of it.

They might find some truth, but they might just as easily find only whatever satisfies them. Or they might go crazy returning over and over to the same unsolvable mystery (24 - Gate of Returning). And even if they do solve the mystery they may not be able to share it with others. This is part of the Individual circuitry after all, so any truth found doesn’t have to be logical or satisfy the collective.

It's interesting to note that only 30% of humanity has the Head center defined to the Ajna. Obviously that means that 70% of humanity has an open head center. The not-self strategy of the open head center is to think about things that don't matter.

So the people who have this channel defined can empower others who don't have the channel to think about things that don't matter and which they can never know!

If someone with an undefined Head center happens to sit down beside someone who has the 61/24 they can find themselves in a profound conversation about the unknowable. Once that empowering energy of the defined head enters into another it causes their mind to start racing.

When the defined Head gets up and leaves, it leaves behind a person whose head just keeps on thinking about those things. And, because one of the elements of the Individual Circuitry is moodiness the person left behind can wind up feeling overly euphoric or depressed – for no reason.

And the positive side is true too: these people bring the unknowable into the world, sometimes even making it knowable. This can be very empowering.

25 – 51 – Initiation

Carrying the 25/51 frequency can “invite” others to bring us in early in the game. They probably don’t know why. There is no defined ‘reason’ built into the frequency, although we can feel pressured to concoct one at first. Rather we realize the benefits later. Like the 45 king or queen who carries “entitlement,” the 25/51 frequency carries the potential thrill of “competing” to get in at the beginning.In the corporate world, I typically joined teams in the developmental stage, and my 42 kept me rolling pretty much to completion of the project. By the end of a project, however, I was interested in and pulled towards something new, so there was an attraction to move on, sometimes a bit before the project was totally finished.The channel of initiation, as a projected channel, means being invited by a topic or another person that gets us initiated into something new without necessarily having much detail. If our heart (will) is in it, then off we go. Sometimes that frequency is the new infusion of blood (gate 25) that becomes the ‘need’ that moves the team or project or idea forward. Or not. By the way, the 25/51 is a powerful OC16 channel that brings the needed competitiveness and capacity for larger organizations to prosper.

A 25/51 Amplified
If you have the 25/51, remember that your frequency gets amplified by others in mega-tons. Don’t underestimate the volume of that amplification. You get people competing with you all the time and you innocently wonder why, and maybe what’s wrong with them. They grab something off the grocery shelf just as you are reaching for it. They race you to the check out line. On the freeway, they are the jerks trying to zoom around you in a dangerous way. Road rage. I see it all the time.My husband races me to get the newspaper when it thunks against the front door. I’ve learned to surrender to the power of his 20/34 with an open ego amplifying my 25/51. Now that is funny! Understanding our designs brings humor to life and lets our 15 yr. marriage keep going with a chuckle instead of a crisis (he has the 36.) I don’t compete with the amplification any more. I love the irony!If you do not have the 25/51 and have a friend who does, just watch how they “make” you walk faster, or you “make” need to move to head of the line, or you want to win the game…it goes on and on and on….it’s hilarious when you are aware of frequencies in action.

The Nuance of “Need”
But there is another nuance I recently became aware of and really got the initiation to write today. I could feel this nuance in my body. It is about when the 25/51 is first, and why it needs to be first.The 25/51 is at its best when it is there from the beginning. There is a distinction between the energy of getting ‘caught up’ with what has been going on, which can feel confusing/overwhelming/poltergeist-like and slows the process down, versus having the continuity and perspective of being there from the beginning. It is like night and day. And your authority will let you know if the process is too far along to be right for you with a big fat “NO.”Catching up does not even begin to replace being there from the beginning. Again, the 25/51 is at its best when it is there from the beginning. It needs to be there at the beginning. And that benefits everyone. But you won’t know why at the beginning. That is the way it is. – source


The 25/51 is part of the mystical circuitry. This is the channel of Shock (51) into the Love of Spirit (25). Notice that this is a totally projected channel. You don’t have to do anything to be initiated. Life initiates you. Initiation in this channel is Will based. The Will power of the 25/51 is less about Will power in the traditional way that we think of Will power and more about having the will to survive the initiation. Initiation can be shocking, dramatically life-altering and, of course, unexpected. But the initiation here is always about bringing the individual closer to Spirit. Sometimes we call this the channel of the Shaman or the Priestess. The Shaman and the Priestess have to “die” to the ego before they can emerge into their wisdom. This energy is archetypically located here. On a more practical note, the channel can be very competitive or not. Remember, in Human Design, energies are thematic. That means that people who have this energy defined stir up competition in others but are not necessarily competitive. In fact, sometimes they are not competitive at all, but others definitely compete with them. But, this energy is also initiating. Simply by being present in the energy field, the geometry and the matrix, the 25/51 will radiate initiation and it is amplified by others. They do not have to seek it. They will never find it. It is projected. I comes to them and then shocks them into Spirit (or bitterness…this is projected, afterall). – source

26 – 44 – Surrender

The Channel of Surrender – 44/26 links the Spleenic Center through the 44, the Gate of Coming to Meet, to the 26, the Gate of The Taming Power of the Great in the Heart Center. This is the channel of the transmitter.

The 44 is our oldest instinctual memory and resides in the bones, while the 26 has the ability to manipulate memory in the interests of improvement. Surrender is the result of combining fear of the old past (44) with a willingness for improvement (26).

The creativity of this channel is in its ability to replace old standards with new ones. It brings an improvement to old concepts, particularly on the material level. Often we see products advertised as being “new and improved”, this is an example of how this channel operates.

The 44/26 is also referred to as the Channel of the Entrepreneur because of its ability to recognize what will appeal to the tribe. With support being the dominant theme of the Ego Circuit, however, transmitters can only replace the old with the new if they have the support. Likewise, it is a projected channel that needs to be recognized and invited to transmit their talent.

Useful tip to give people with this channel: Tell them to pay close attention to smell. If they don't like the smell of someone they need to stay away from them. People with this channel can smell something fishy, smell of rat, smell success...

27 – 50 – Preservation

The Channel of Preservation – 50-27 links the Spleen Center through the 50, the Gate of the Cauldron, to the 27, the Gate of Nourishment in the Sacral Center. The biological basis for this gate is pretty basic: Human infants can’t survive on their own after birth.

Although it is a minor circuit on its own, it is part of the Tribal circuit so support is still an important keynote. Human children require support. The 50-27 isn’t limited to supporting children, that’s simply the root of it.

This channel operates with Gate 50 in the spleen that is moved by its fear of responsibility. This causes it to pay attention - in the splenic now - to what it can be responsible for. If it notices anything in itself or the other that it might be responsible for, the 27 in the Sacral center provides the energy to respond to it.

People with this channel are very tuned in to what they and/or others need in order to feel good in the now, and they’re willing and able to do something about it. A challenge arises for these people if they don’t have the knowledge that others aren’t tuned in the same way. The 50-27 can be very resentful when it sees others not caring because they assume that those people just won’t be responsible and do the caring thing.

As society has become more complex so have the responsibilities of this channel. Our children require our support and our care longer than did in the past. They need education, values, and guidance in this complex world. In a sense everything in the world needs caring and fortunately there are people available to care about it all. Astrologically this is because we have moved away from a Saturnian Cycle where children grew up and became adults much faster than our new Uranian Cycle.

28 – 38 – Struggle

I think one of the most fascinating channels for me, because I am an integration person, is the 28/38. This is an incredible force. First of all, think about integration. When somebody has integration they‘re really caught up in their own trip. These are the most deeply selfish beings that exist. They‘re totally into their own trip. It‘s not their fault, by the way, but what to do. They‘re focused on their unique in-the-now survival. You meet a 20/34 when they’re doing something, it’s very, very hard to get their attention. I‘m into my thing and I‘m into my thing now and I’m lost in that.

And the fact is that when you look at this within the nature of human sexuality, for example, the nature of caring, you see that this is totally absorbed in oneself; totally, totally absorbed. I care for myself; I care for my own existence. But the moment you bring the 28/38, this totally self-absorbed selfish individuality, and specifically the 20/57, suddenly is ready to pay attention to the other, is suddenly ready to care for the other. And why, what magic does this bring?

I‘ve watched it all my life. I have this channel in lover‘s children; I’ve seen it in every possible way. The 28th gate, particularly, I’m a 20/57/10 and the 28th gate in my life is one of those things that is there wherever I look. I have nothing in this channel, so I‘ve had a very interesting process in looking at that and watching that over the years. And you look at this 28/38, this force, this is the Channel of Struggle. People often forget that Human Design is a deep, deep, deep dualistic system that every single channel can be understood by its opposite. This does not have to be the Channel of Struggle. But it struggles for something. This is what gives life its meaning. The meaning of life is not derived from the pattern or the experience. This is what we do over and over and over and over and over again, because it is the plane that we‘re on. This is something deeper than that. This is what gives life its meaning. There is an inherent, not so much search here, but a demand, in a sense, that existence is more than just being born and dying, that there‘s something else. And this is what the 28/38 brings. It brings this incredible struggle to find purpose. – source

29 – 46 – Discovery

The Channel of Discovery – 46-29, links the Sacral Center through the 46, the Gate of Pushing Upward, to the 29, the Gate of The Abysmal in the G Center. In the traditional I Ching the 29th gate is known as the abysmal. It is the deep within the deep. The 46th gate is pushing upwards into the kingdom of heaven, in the ancient language. The 46th gate has the knack of being physically in the right place at the right time. The 29 is the Gate of perseverance that is enhanced by responding
"yes" to what is correct.

In the traditional I Ching the 29th gate is known as the abysmal. It is the deep within the deep. This is not abysmal as in being terrible or negative. It is about the sacral center being a never ending well of energy. On the other end of the channel you have the 46th gate which is endlessly high. In the I Ching the 46th gate is pushing upwards into the kingdom of heaven.

Imagine a line going from the center of the earth to the ends of heaven. Since the 46 is in the G center it is about the Self being in the right place. Since the 29 is in the sacral center it is about having an unlimited amount of energy to get to that right place. This channel then, is about understanding that if you are totally absorbed in a process, you are exactly in the right place at exactly the right time. This channel can then bring transformation through a total commitment. It is called the Channel of Discovery because this place and time is an ongoing process of Discovery.

Anyone with the 29 has a built-in availability and tendency to say "yes" to almost any situation, which can result in them up giving away their energy, wholesale. Thus, it is critical that they commit from their own authority, and in so doing find themselves committed to "succeeding where others fail." Perhaps the greatest lesson for someone with the 29 -- 46 channel is that when they have committed to an experience from a clear sacral response, is that they will proceed totally with the experience, regardless of other, particularly mental, considerations. Herein lies their success.

In other words, anyone with this channel must be careful to commit based upon their sacral response and their Authority. Once committed they will have to finish the experience no matter how long it may take – even years. Remember that in the Abstract circuitry one learns from experience – after the experience is over.They have got to wait until the experience is over to be able to see if anything was discovered. While it is happening you can only follow your strategy.In the big picture, no matter what happens, through failure and success if you are following your strategy you will always be in the right place at the right time because you will come out of it with the right kind of experience that you can share.

30 – 41 – Recognition

The Channel of Recognition – 41-30 links the Root through the 41, the Gate of Decrease, to the 30, the Gate of The Clinging Fire in the Emotional Center. The keynotes that apply here are Sharing Abstract, Sensing and Experience.

This channel is the pressure for these keynotes coming from the root. The 41 is the pressure of Decrease – a lack, and that lack gives rise to the imagination of what could be. The emotional center heats up that pressure, that fuel and the result is an intense need to get in motion toward some experience.

It’s a bit like those little whirlwinds we see in the desert. The hot air combines with a low pressure area and you have this whirling vortex that races across the landscape. The center is hollow. but it’s not really empty, it fuels the energy of the hot air with its lower pressure and sets it in motion. This is the pressure to Experience something (usually something emotional).

The 41/30 is a strong pressure being recognized by an intense feeling. This ultimately leads to the ability to leap from lack of experience into experience running full bore. And, of course it wants to share all of that with others. This can launch some pretty wild rides in experience and occasion some deep reflection after the fact. It is called the Channel of Recognition. That new experience allows them to recognise an emotion within them that they can then share.

32 – 54 – Transformation

The Channel of Transformation – 32-54 links the Root Center through the 54, the Gate of The Marrying Maiden, to the 32, the Gate of Duration in the Spleen Center. The thrust of this channel is pretty simple – it is ambitious, fueled by the desire to make money and do better.

This desire to “get ahead” is what constitutes transformation in the material world. Ambition alone, however, isn’t enough to get material success. The Spleen provides the instinct to recognize in the now what ambition needs to focus on. Gate 32 fears failure, and it is precisely this fear that instinctively watches all change. What this instinct is alert to is the level of support that is available from others for any change.

The 32-54 has the drive to get ahead but it understands that to succeed it must have the support of others. This channel knows that only a transformation that endures over time has value, and in order for the change to endure it must have the support of its tribe. Even in the international arena, lining up allies, gaining the support of others is crucial for a nation to realize its goals.

Like all of the Ego Circuit channels that are below the ego, the 32-54 is a projected channel that needs to be recognized and invited. Think about this: transformation is not a matter of initiating something, it’s not a manifestor operation, but rather needs to be recognized and supported by your tribe (provided, of course, you have tribal circuitry).

34 – 57 – Power

The channel 57/34, the channel of the archetype; that is, intuition empowered. And intuition empowered is the source and the Root of our ability to be able to survive. Of all the forces, of all of the life forces that we can look at, if we're going to measure them in the context of survivability, this is it. This is the preeminent survival mechanism. It’s also very odd. In other words, when you're looking at symmetry, the thing that is so interesting THE LIFE FORCE: The Channels A Digital Book for Newcomers The Life Force is a program of the (IHDS) International Human Design School All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2008 Jovian Archive Corporation 34 about integration are all these twists and turns; there are all these things that are in there. It is very different in the way in which the energy moves. And it means that despite the fact that there is a direct connection through the 50/27, this 34/57 is a very, very different way and much more primal in the way in which the original relationship between the Sacral and the Spleen was determined. Also something to note, we have about, I think 31% of all humanity are Manifesting Generators, but not all of those Manifesting Generators are really true pure Manifesting Generators. What I mean by that is that you can see here that not only does the Sacral Center through the 34th gate create its primal relationship to the Spleen, but it is also creating its primal relationship to action. In other words, this action that can be guided by empowered intuition and all of this is response. – source

35 – 36 – Transitoriness

The Channel of Transitoriness links the Solar Plexus Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Crisis (36) and the Gate of Change (35). This is an emotional Manifesting channel that defies Logic’s caution and restrictive patterns. It will try anything and everything, whether of intrinsic value or not, to get things moving in the direction of a new experience.

Background: As the creative channel for the Sensing Circuit, Channel 36 - 35 has a talent for seeking adventures and involving others in them. It finds expression through Gate 35’s need to manifest change as in “been there, done that, what’s new?” The emotionally-charged 26th gate perceives its inexperience as inadequacy, and so draws those with the Channel of Transitoriness into seeking experience, occasionally by engendering crisis just to get things moving. Through this restless desire to explore the depth and consequence of our capacity to feel (emotion), our species matures and evolves and our gene pool expands, ultimately resulting in progress of the Collective. This is learning through experience of the sake of future generations.

Personal: You are driven to seek experiences which promise something new and better in life. Your journey is an emotional one na you gather wisdom experientially. Pushed along by the ever changing perspectives of you unaware Solar Plexus wave, you can become volatile or feel let down if a new experience fails to meet your expectations. The secret is to embrace and accept your emotional swings, to give yourself time to make emotionally-clear decisions, and to surrender to fully living each correct experience for its own sake. Over time and with maturity, experience will culminate as emotional depth within your personal truth, the heart of which is accepting life for what it is. If you find yourself nervous or uneasy about committing to a venture, take advantage of waiting out you wave. Your great accomplishment in life is that you will have tasted, touched and felt many things from which you gleaned wisdom of great value, wisdom that you make available to others in the form of advice. You inspire people to join your venture with tales of your exploits, and sense of fulfillment in the richness of a life well lived. As you learn that feelings are transitory, your advice to others will be to “seize the moment,” and partake of each promising new experience that is correct, rather than live with a sense that nothing in life ever amount to anything.

Interpersonal: For those with the Channel of Transitoriness, interaction with others means sharing the experience completely with them. Their need for new experience and inherent sense that nothing lasts, often makes it difficult for them to maintain intimate relationship. Their partner(s) pay a price if they find themselves dragged along on adventure that are not right for them. Doing anything for the first time isn't easy, outcomes are unpredictable, and most people are not equipped to handle the resulting crises. Deeply emotional experiences often have a sexual dimension, but because relating here is focused on the feelings provoked by the experience rather than on the other person, both parties can be left with disappointment when the experience is over. When two people connect electromagnetically through this channel, one with Gate 35 and one with Gate 36, the balance and stability of the relationship will be constantly subjected to high to low emotional waves. – source

37 – 40 – Community

The 40-37 links the Heart Center through the 40, the Gate of Deliverance, to the 37, the Gate of the Family in the Emotional Center. It is “the bargain” that underlies everything Tribal. “I’ll do for you if you’ll do for me”.

The 40-37 is part of the 'Touch" stream of senses in which handshakes, hugs and bargains are expected and honored. In a very basic sense every human is existentially alone. This channel bridges that state and allows us to form communities in which everyone has their place and function and receives honor and respect.

Where on the Splenic side the energy is for the individual to get ahead, over here on the emotional side the energy is for getting together, for working together, and living together. Over here we invest in each other and in the group. We support the community with the things money can’t buy.

In community there is little evidence of hierarchy. No one feels superior or inferior because everyone willingly contributes what they can in order to be included, to feel they are a part of it all.

39 – 55 – Emoting

The Channel of Moodiness - 39-55, links the Root Center through the 39, the Gate of Obstruction, to the 55, the Gate of the Abundance in the Emotional Center. The 39 -55 is the channel that connects directly into Spirit in the Emotional Center; in the wave. Here the wave is abrupt in form; spiking up or down through extremes of mood. This Individual channel of moodiness is also part of a stream that includes a concern with and a focus on romance, love and passion. The Individual Circuit is a deeply moody, or melancholic circuit, and this channel is the height of that.

People with this channel are very concerned with uncertainty because emotional individuality is all about uncertainty. "She loves me, she loves me not. I don't know." It’s easy to see the up-down wave of she loves me or she loves me not, but notice the final state – “I don’t know”. At that point the mutative aspect of the individual is about to take over and they transform out of that uncertainty. The whole Individual Circuit can be deeply uncertain because you don't know until the mutation comes.

When mutation comes they can be very certain: I KNOW. Everything is fine now “she loves me, I’m certain of it.” Here is the crux of the moodiness, because just when they’re certain, the mutation kicks in again and then they’re not sure that were really certain at all. This can have a disturbing effect on others because when you are empowering somebody else, you can make them very uncomfortable. The experience of this continuous swing from certain to uncertain and back is really normal for those who have this channel - but it is a very difficult mutation to experience if you don't have that channel but are having it empowered in you.

These mood swings are healthy for the 39-55 provided they are acknowledged, and watched. A big challenge for people with this channel is to remember there is no “reason” for the mood. The mood is simply a dynamic. Whatever the mood is it will change – that’s the nature of the channel. And above all NEVER confuse it with depression. The whole Individual circuit is melancholic, but it is the sadness of poetry or music. Anyone with individual circuitry needs to learn to use these moody times to be creative, to let the MUSE flow through them.

42 – 53 – Maturation

The Channel of Maturation – 42-53 links the Sacral through the 42, the Gate of Increase, to the 53, the Gate of Development in the Root Center. This is one of the format energies and it is an abstract, sensing format energy.

The way of experience is first to just live – to live each experience fully - go straight through the experience, and when it’s over then you can turn around and look back. Maturation can happen through any single experience, it doesn’t require repeats like the logical process.

This is a generator channel – one of response – and here, the 53-42 when it responds, is responding from the beginning, through the experience and to the completion. How long will that take? Anywhere from a few seconds to several years! Depends on the experience.

Consequently, it’s important for people with the 53-42 to be very clear in their responses or they can find themselves caught in extended projects that they might lose interest in over time. A right response leads to the right experience over the right time frame.

47 – 64 – Abstraction

The Channel of Abstraction - 64-47, links the Head Center through the 64, the Gate of Confusion, to the 47, the Gate of Realization in the Ajna Center. Since it is part of the Collective Circuit, obviously sharing is a keynote for the channel, but since it is not part of the Understanding Circuit, logic and the future are not.

Basically this channel is trying to make sense out of the past. The abstract is based upon experience, so the 64-47 is always sifting through past experiences. It’s sifting through a kaleidoscope of images looking for the one that makes sense, the one to which it says “Aha! That’s it. I see the story.”

Great advice to give someone with this channel: Confusion marks the beginning of an experience for them and if they are patient enough with their process they will come out with a valuable story to share. (47 is the gate of Realization, 64 Confusion). It is important that they share what they think, since the collective is nothing without sharing.

The abstract mental person (the 64-47) wants to make sense of and share everything about the past - both yours and theirs. "We all share the past, this is what I think makes sense." The 64 - 47 is one of the 4 most common channels in humanity, so a big part of being human is always reviewing what makes sense and what does not.

Like all channels from the Head to the Ajna, this is a projector channel. It is most successful when it is recognized and invited to share its “sense” of the world. It’s always important for people with mental definitions to remember that the mind is NOT an authority for making decisions for oneself. It is not an internal authority.

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