Gate #48: Depth

Gate of Depth, you tend to do or analyze things in great depth. You look at the size and scope of it all and work it in great detail. You may on occasion struggle with feelings that your work is inadequate due to this drive to do things deeply. – source


The Gate 48 is a splenic fear-based gate. The fear of the 48 is a fear of inadequacy. The Gate 48 is afraid that they will never know "enough". The challenge with the 48 is to "just do it", even if you are scared. This is a splenic fear Gate and the fears of the Spleen are in the "now". When you push through the moment, the fear dissipates and the 48 can then begin to collect data over time to prove that they do, indeed, know enough. This is definitely one of the "getting stuck" Gates. The fear of the 48 feels very real, even though others observing it may find it amusing. Usually people with the 48 are way over prepared for everything. The 48 is also the Gate of Taste. This can be taste from a designers perspective. The 48 is sometimes called the Interior Design Gate. People with the 48 have an intuitive understanding of beauty and design and long for things to be designed with taste. It is also the Gate of physical taste. People with the 48 can have elaborate palates and desires for rich culinary experiences or they can be very picky eaters, especially if they are children. – source