21 – 45 – The Money Line

Human Design 21 – 45 channel

The Channel of Materialism links the Throat Center through the 45, the Gate of Gathering Together, to the 21, the Gate of Biting Through in the Heart Center. For all of the power and influence of the Tribe over human affairs, it’s interesting to note that it only has one direct connection to the Throat – only one voice. The voice of the tribe is, “I have or I don’t have” (as heard in the 45).

The tribe wants two things: money and a secure and reliable commitment from everyone to be tribal together. The 45 is the King/Queen and the 21 is the Hunter/Huntress. It is the responsibility of the two working together to make sure the tribe has these two things.

Materialism is the way of the 21-45, and what really satisfies it is putting money to work. This is the channel that has developed the simple business model of barter or village trade into the complex business models we have today. People with this channel have the education (45) and the control (21) to understand and direct financial dealings on a more complex level - the stock market, banks, speculation, the kinds of business venture that return dividends on investment over time.

For those kinds of money-making enterprises to succeed requires the support of many and it requires that each person involved be knowledgeable and trustworthy in keeping their part of the deal. This is the apex of the Tribal qualities. But no matter how complex the structure, at its core are the same basic two things: money and the community that uses it.