34 – 57 – Power

Human Design 34 – 57 channel

The channel 57/34, the channel of the archetype; that is, intuition empowered. And intuition empowered is the source and the Root of our ability to be able to survive. Of all the forces, of all of the life forces that we can look at, if we're going to measure them in the context of survivability, this is it. This is the preeminent survival mechanism. It’s also very odd. In other words, when you're looking at symmetry, the thing that is so interesting THE LIFE FORCE: The Channels A Digital Book for Newcomers The Life Force is a program of the (IHDS) International Human Design School All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2008 Jovian Archive Corporation 34 about integration are all these twists and turns; there are all these things that are in there. It is very different in the way in which the energy moves. And it means that despite the fact that there is a direct connection through the 50/27, this 34/57 is a very, very different way and much more primal in the way in which the original relationship between the Sacral and the Spleen was determined. Also something to note, we have about, I think 31% of all humanity are Manifesting Generators, but not all of those Manifesting Generators are really true pure Manifesting Generators. What I mean by that is that you can see here that not only does the Sacral Center through the 34th gate create its primal relationship to the Spleen, but it is also creating its primal relationship to action. In other words, this action that can be guided by empowered intuition and all of this is response. – source