Gate #52: Stillness

Gate of Inaction is the stillness to see the whole picture and achieve concentration. At times we must withdraw to truly concentrate. – source


The energy of this gate is the potential to sit very still and concentrate. Sometimes you might call this gate the "Couch Potato" Gate. People with this energy have an ability to sit very still and quietly for long periods of time. The irony of this gate is that without its harmonic, this is just sitting still without focus. Concentration but with no direction....sometimes demonstrated by an ability to sit for long hours doing nothing. The 52 makes for great wild-life can sit in the blind for hours just watching and waiting, as long as you don't get distracted. You really need both gates to create a collective experience for learning. It's always good when you get both gates together in a group who has the objective of learning. This is a highly creative energy. one that empowers us to concentrate on the goal, hold our gaze, wait in stillness until there is right timing and then, only then, take right actions. – source