Gate #17: Opinions

Gate of Opinions logic there is the question, the hypothesis and then opinions about that hypothesis. This energy of the Gate of Opinions is here to offer its opinions about what will work and what will not. Opinions are necessary to find the best and most logical solution, but they are not always welcome as they often feel personal by nature. – source


The energy of logic is mastery over time through correction of patterns. The Gate 17 is the first corrective energy we see in Logical Circuitry but it is really an illusion. Without energy for proving and mastery over time, the Gate 17 is just opinions. This energy can be really hard for people to carry, especially if they are not good at waiting for people to ask. The Gate 17 just plops out those opinions, not always recognizing that opinions are just ideas. Without the recognition, the opinions are often energetically repelling and the giver of the thought ignored. Logic has resistance built into it. It isn't about beliefs. You don't have to prove beliefs. Logic demands proof. The Gate 17 is merely proposing an idea and when people with this gate can learn about the beauty of their idea instead of acting with certainty that their thought is correct, then they can play their part in creating collective mastery. The Gate 17, the Gate of Opinions, in its lowest expression is all about blurting out opinions. Just like the Scientific Method, there is doubt and a need for duplicable proof in the circuit. The Gate 17 correlates with the part of the Scientific Method that is about setting up a hypothesis. The highest expression of the Gate 17 is the expression of an opening for a new possibility or a new pattern. With the energy of the Gate 17 we launch new ideas, ideas that are still to be proven. It's an energy of curiosity, not certainty. Of course, we all know what the low expression of the Gate of Opinions is...right? Just remember, opinions are best heard and shared when they are asked for. – source