18 – 58 – Judgement

Human Design 18 – 58 channel

Judgment. Can pose some serious challenges to those who carry this energy. First of all, notice that this channel is way far down in the chart and has no access to the throat. And also notice that this is one of the energy Centers in this circuit (the Root). One of the challenges of Logic is getting the energy to the Throat. This is why Logic is so tenuous...it has to be proven over time and meets with resistance until it stands the test of time. The Channel of Judgment is purely projected, meaning it serves best when others ask for it. It contains the intuitive and energetic ability to make things correct in order to create a perfect expression of the Joy of Life. Imagine how hard it must be to watch others doing things in less than perfect ways, when you know exactly how to make it more correct and you can't say anything to fix it unless you are recognized or asked! This energy can be exceptionally challenging, especially if you also have the energy for opinions (Gate 17) in your chart. This energy is also exceptionally difficult for Projectors. The bottom line of this channel is that in order to be heard and for you to have the platform to correct in a "correct" way, you MUST wait for recognition if you have this channel. If you do not wait, then you run the risk of being perceived as critical by others and no one likes to be criticized. The beauty of this channel is that the correction in the 18 leads to the 58, the Joy of Life. When the 18 waits to be recognized, they clear the path for the perfected expression of the Joy of Life, the Root result of the Logical stream. – source