Gate #4: Answer

Gate of Formulization gives you the drive to want to find the answer. Not just any answer but the ONE answer. – source


The answer to what you may wonder. It doesn't matter. It's just the answer. Answers come from the Gate 4 without a lot of regard for validity. Validity is located in other parts of this circuit. Remember, this whole channel is about generating a hypothesis. Doubt leads to a possible or potential answer. As we move deeper into the circuit, we come up with the theory and what need to be proven over time. The answers we experience in the Gate 4 are merely possibilities. People with the Gate 4, especially with an open Head and a first line profile will be under pressure to come up with an answer. Answers can sometimes just "plop" out of this person's mouth. Just remember, that answering is simply an energy. Just because someone has an answer doesn't make it right. – source