Spleen Center

Human Design Spleen Center

The Spleen is about survival. The Spleen is our oldest and most primal awareness. The Spleen is also completely existential, meaning that it only works in the now. Based in instinct, it is what is often referred to as intuition. This body-knowing runs through the lymphatic system. Like little tongues, noses and ears covering the body, it is a cat-like sense. Defined Spleens have a fixed sense of well being and can know in the moment how to act in order to survive and be healthy.

Undefined Spleens can feel very vulnerable and often spend a lot of time trying to fix their amplified fears by hanging on to whatever makes them feel more secure, regardless of whether it is actually healthy or not. It is not healthy for undefined Spleens to be spontaneous; they are not here to act in the now. The wisdom for the undefined spleen is to know that the need to feel better or more secure is not them; they are simply amplifying all the fears and insecurities of the world. The open Spleen question is “Am I holding on to what is not good for me?”