06 – 59 – Intimacy

Human Design 06 – 59 channel

The Channel of Mating – 59-6 links the Sacral Center through the 59, the Gate of Dispersion, to the 6, the Gate of Conflict in the Emotional Center. This channel represents Reproduction, which is the fundamental genetic drive in humans.

Since it’s also a part of the Tribal circuitry the element of support is present here. This channel can result in conceiving a child and so support is obviously an important thing.

A person with this channel gives and gets support through being intimate. The image of a mother and father hugging each other and staring at her pregnant belly is the energy of this channel: two people giving each other support through intimacy.

Living together intimately usually includes conflict (the 6), and we know how emotional that can be. The 59 responds to the emotional turbulence of conflict and seeks to disperse it – thereby restoring the connection between people. The process functions in a variety of ways and is no longer limited to reproduction.

We can see it at work trying to reestablish the connection between cultures and religions in the world today. The ability humans have demonstrated over the millennia to survive are, to a great extent, due to the energy of the Defense circuit.