17 – 62 – Acceptance

Human Design 17 – 62 channel

Gives voice to the initiation of the logical circuit. This is the verbal formulation of the logical hypothesis or question. Note that this is still a question. There is no energy in the mind and the speakings of the mind are just ideas without energy. As with all things spoken from the Ajna, it is projected and is only heard and acted upon correctly when invited or recognized. Hypothesis without proof is purely conjecture and opinions. Unsubstantiated ideas that can be experimented with once recognized but resisted mightily when not asked for. The struggle of Logic is for energy. All energies within this circuit do best either in response or through recognition. Without these key activations, ideas are just word carried away on the wind. The flow of the 17/62 takes us from speculation and conjecture in the Gate 17 to a practical answer in the Gate 62. Note that it is still only a possible answer, not THE answer. No energy or action here. Opinions are formed in this part of the circuit. This can be a difficult energy if you have it in your chart. We like to share opinions. But not everyone wants to hear them. If you absolutely have to share your thoughts, always ask first if it's okay to share them. It can soften the impact of this energy significantly. – source