Solar Plexus Center

Human Design Solar Plexus Center

The Solar Plexus is about emotion. The defined Solar Plexus is the source of emotional energy, and works in a wave from hope to pain and back again. The defined emotional center needs time in order to feel its way through the environment, and learns to create space so that it can become clear, never giving in to the pressure to act spontaneously. It is a relief for many to understand that there is no reason for their highs and lows; it is just chemistry.

An undefined Solar Plexus means that you are taking in the emotions of others and amplifying them. The open emotional being has learned to make nice and play nice in order to avoid the volatility of the emotional world. The wisdom here is that you should never trust how you feel (the emotions of others) or allow yourself to be pressured emotionally by others. The open Solar Plexus question is : “Am I avoiding confrontation and truth?”