Gate #51

Gate of Shock. Name of this gate says it all - Shock. People with this energy tend to come out with shocking statements or actions. Sometimes it may be subtle and at other times quite dramatic. Either way, this energy is trying to shock others into connection with the greater sense of Spirit, God or the Divine. – source


The 51 is one of the most interesting Gates in the Human Design system. It is deeply competitive or projects competitive energy and is the shock aspect of initiation. People with the 51 are quite shocking and depending on the planetary alignment in their charts, many people with this gate will be shocking just for fun! Of course, this energy is radiated and so people with the 51 receive amplified shocking experiences. The 51 can have many shocking experiences that are initiating forces in their lives. Ra has the 51 and he was “shocked” into receiving the Human Design information. People with shock in their charts often have to have very intense, life-changing experiences before they can move into the Love Of Spirit. You will find that many people who you read for with the 51 have had near-death experiences or some other kind of amazing story of shock and survival. As much as we resist shock, shock has a powerful role in starting things. In response to shock, we change. If we don’t change, we can become bitter. When you see this gate, you have to look at the context of what else is in the chart. Are they 3rd line profiles? If so, they may experiment with shock. Do they have open throats? If so, shocking things may just “plop” out of their mouths and everyone in the room becomes initiated. Shock is designed to shake things up. The little boy who pointed out that the Emperer was naked probably had the Gate 51. He spoke the obvious truth but it wasn’t “Proper”. Truth and shock aren’t always proper but important if we are going to really be initiated. – source