Gate #58: Joy Of Life

Gate of Aliveness is the energy for the zest or joy in life. It is the insatiable desire to make it better and to challenge the norm to find a better way. – source


People with this gate always have a smile on their face, if they live their strategy. These people intuitively understand the nature of Joy and don't tend to take things too seriously...except Joy. However, it they are not living their strategy, people with the Gate 58 can take a big beating in their Joy of life. This is a dual system, after all. This is Joy...or not. People with the 58 can be some of the most bitter people on the planet. But that bitterness comes from understanding the potential for joy and not being able to experience it. The Joy can be restored by living strategy and waiting for the right timing for correction. The ultimate beauty of this energy is that it stems from the energy of mastery and correction. All that critical energy that we've been talking about in the Logic circuit is all about helping people discover joy. It's really so simple. – source