Gate #7: Role Of The Self In Interaction

Gate of The Role of the Self is energy that pushes for leadership. It can take on many flavors like democratic or dictator depending on the situation and the energy supporting it. – source


The Gate 7 and the 31 have to work together. The 7 provides direction and support in leadership to the 31. Because it is designed to support the leadership, the not-self Gate 7 often struggles to try to take leadership but, usually without much success. The Gate 7 makes tremendous peace with itself when it realizes that it is here to serve a leadership that is bigger than itself. The Gate 7 needs to commit to service and leadership that is for the greater good of the whole. Neither the 7 or the 31 alone can provide leadership. The 31 without the 7 has a leaders voice but no direction. The 7 without the 31 struggles to be heard. These are energies that have to be recognized and are, by nature, truly democratic in their highest expression. You cannot force leadership with this energy. It won't last. People with either the Gate 7 or the Gate 31 are recognized as natural leaders. It is quite common for them to be put into leadership roles by a group. That is where they are supposed to be. – source