Human Design Definitions

Your Chart will tell you whether you have Single Definition, Split Definition, Triple Split Definition, Quadruple Split Definition or No Definition.

Definition can be thought of as a Channel that connects to a Centre. Some people have one Channel, some two Channels and some many more. A Reflector Type has no Channels – so would have no Definition. Someone with several Channels in their Chart, compared to someone who has only one Channel is not better off. They simply have a more Fixed nature.

Single Definition: 42% of the population

All the Defined Centers that are colored in your Chart are connected to one another without a break. Some people may have many Centers joined together and others may have only two Centers.

The fact that there is a consistent connection between the Defined Centers means that everything is fixed together in a wholeness that needs nothing other than itself to be complete.

If you have Single Definition you are blessed with a self-reliant, unified Life Force that gives a certain solidity and consistency the other Definitions can’t provide.

Split Definition: 46% of the population

There are two distinctly separate Definitions, or sets of Definitions that work autonomously from each other but still make up a fixed, consistent nature. There can be a feeling of incompleteness or sense that something is lacking. The Gate/s or full Channel that are needed to bridge the Split becomes the central themes in the life.

Triple Split Definition: 10% of the population

There are three distinctly separate definitions or sets of Definitions that work autonomously from each other. Each set of Definitions can become connected in multiple ways by the auras of other people who have Gates or Channels that bridge or connect the three separate Definitions. For this reason, if you have Triple Split Definition it is advisable for you to be around others in public areas such as a shopping Mall or café or traveling on public transport etc so that you are joined up temporarily in many different ways.

Quadruple Split Definition: 0.5% of the population

There are four distinctly separate definitions or sets of Definitions that work autonomously from each other. The nature would be fairly Fixed since at least eight out of the nine Centers would be Defined or ‘colored in’. The bridging Gates would be a major theme in life.

No Definition: 1.5% of the population

There are no consistent Channels of Life Force and the person would be a Reflector Type. If you are a Reflector, Life Force definition would come to you as you sample the auras of others and amplify what is in the other. It means that as a Reflector you have the potential to move on without getting too caught up in the Fixed nature of others.