11 – 56 – Curiosity

Human Design 11 – 56 channel

The Channel of Curiosity - 11-56, links the Ajna Center through the 11, the Gate of Peace, to the 56, the Gate of The Wanderer in the Throat Center. The 11/56 never stops looking, thus it is also referred to as the design of the seeker and the searcher.

What must be understood about the 11-56 is that it is the seeking that moves them - not the finding. No matter what or how much they find they just have to keep on searching for something else.

As part of the Collective Sensing circuit, of course, the 11-56 also has a need to share its interpretation of history - the past. And they have the ability to make up an interpretation of the past and share it with the rest of us. For the 11-56, the Aha! comes when it sparks an idea. It’s important for them that while the idea is to be shared it’s not necessarily a call to action. In the Collective logic circuitry we can share a common pattern that we're all sure of - but with the past that can't be done.

It's simply the fact that everyone's experience of an event is different so there are many interpretations – many pasts, and thus many ideas. This is another projector channel, so whether or not anyone else will resonate the sense of things or the ideas the 11-56 has depends upon whether or not they’ve been recognized or invited to share them.