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Human Design 01 – 08 channel

Now the 8-1, because it is a self-projected creativity, remember that it has to be recognized. And here you have something unusual because here you have the only creative voice of the individual. Now it’s interesting to note that. This is the only creative voice of the individual and the only creative voice of the individual says, “I know I can make a contribution or not.”

In order for the individual to be truly creative, they have to empower the other. Their natural contribution is the empowerment of the other. The 8-1 is rooted in the most creative, the only hexagram called creative, in that sense, which is the first hexagram.

When you look at the fact that individual creativity is all rooted in the identity, that’s the first thing. The second thing to see is the 10th gate in the 10-57 is about love, and the 25th gate is about love. And the two loves, at that level, are universal and self-love, and the 1st gate is the primary gate of direction. That is, a primary gate of what we call mutation or evolution.

Remember that the direction we move in mutatively is conditioned by the 2nd gate, that is the opposite of the 1st gate in the zodiac, and it’s the opposite of the 1st gate in the design. And the 2nd gate is the actual direction, the driver. But the 7, the 1, and the 13 are just perspectives. That is, the 7’s perspective is where the drive will lead to in the future, and the 13’s perspective is where have we come from in the past. But the 1st is just there driving. And it’s driving in that direction following the 2nd gate’s lead. It’s there to bring the existential mutation—the existential contribution. It has a voice and that means that the primary creative function of the 8-1 is acoustic and verbal.

There are a number of opera singers. I can’t remember which are which because I did a whole group of them. But I think it’s Jose Carreras and Pavarotti that both have the 8-1, but I’m not sure. (Note: Both have Gate 1 only.) But any way, this is individual verbal creativity. – source