42 – 53 – Maturation

Human Design 42 – 53 channel

The Channel of Maturation – 42-53 links the Sacral through the 42, the Gate of Increase, to the 53, the Gate of Development in the Root Center. This is one of the format energies and it is an abstract, sensing format energy.

The way of experience is first to just live – to live each experience fully - go straight through the experience, and when it’s over then you can turn around and look back. Maturation can happen through any single experience, it doesn’t require repeats like the logical process.

This is a generator channel – one of response – and here, the 53-42 when it responds, is responding from the beginning, through the experience and to the completion. How long will that take? Anywhere from a few seconds to several years! Depends on the experience.

Consequently, it’s important for people with the 53-42 to be very clear in their responses or they can find themselves caught in extended projects that they might lose interest in over time. A right response leads to the right experience over the right time frame.