24 – 61 – Awareness

Human Design 24 – 61 channel

The Channel of the Thinker - 61-24, links the Head Center through the 61, the Gate of Inner Truth and Mystery, to the 24, the Gate of Returning in the Ajna Center. People with this channel tend to think that sooner or later, if they think about something enough, they will find the truth of it.

They might find some truth, but they might just as easily find only whatever satisfies them. Or they might go crazy returning over and over to the same unsolvable mystery (24 - Gate of Returning). And even if they do solve the mystery they may not be able to share it with others. This is part of the Individual circuitry after all, so any truth found doesn’t have to be logical or satisfy the collective.

It's interesting to note that only 30% of humanity has the Head center defined to the Ajna. Obviously that means that 70% of humanity has an open head center. The not-self strategy of the open head center is to think about things that don't matter.

So the people who have this channel defined can empower others who don't have the channel to think about things that don't matter and which they can never know!

If someone with an undefined Head center happens to sit down beside someone who has the 61/24 they can find themselves in a profound conversation about the unknowable. Once that empowering energy of the defined head enters into another it causes their mind to start racing.

When the defined Head gets up and leaves, it leaves behind a person whose head just keeps on thinking about those things. And, because one of the elements of the Individual Circuitry is moodiness the person left behind can wind up feeling overly euphoric or depressed – for no reason.

And the positive side is true too: these people bring the unknowable into the world, sometimes even making it knowable. This can be very empowering.