37 – 40 – Community

Human Design 37 – 40 channel

The 40-37 links the Heart Center through the 40, the Gate of Deliverance, to the 37, the Gate of the Family in the Emotional Center. It is “the bargain” that underlies everything Tribal. “I’ll do for you if you’ll do for me”.

The 40-37 is part of the 'Touch" stream of senses in which handshakes, hugs and bargains are expected and honored. In a very basic sense every human is existentially alone. This channel bridges that state and allows us to form communities in which everyone has their place and function and receives honor and respect.

Where on the Splenic side the energy is for the individual to get ahead, over here on the emotional side the energy is for getting together, for working together, and living together. Over here we invest in each other and in the group. We support the community with the things money can’t buy.

In community there is little evidence of hierarchy. No one feels superior or inferior because everyone willingly contributes what they can in order to be included, to feel they are a part of it all.