47 – 64 – Abstraction

Human Design 47 – 64 channel

The Channel of Abstraction - 64-47, links the Head Center through the 64, the Gate of Confusion, to the 47, the Gate of Realization in the Ajna Center. Since it is part of the Collective Circuit, obviously sharing is a keynote for the channel, but since it is not part of the Understanding Circuit, logic and the future are not.

Basically this channel is trying to make sense out of the past. The abstract is based upon experience, so the 64-47 is always sifting through past experiences. It’s sifting through a kaleidoscope of images looking for the one that makes sense, the one to which it says “Aha! That’s it. I see the story.”

Great advice to give someone with this channel: Confusion marks the beginning of an experience for them and if they are patient enough with their process they will come out with a valuable story to share. (47 is the gate of Realization, 64 Confusion). It is important that they share what they think, since the collective is nothing without sharing.

The abstract mental person (the 64-47) wants to make sense of and share everything about the past - both yours and theirs. "We all share the past, this is what I think makes sense." The 64 - 47 is one of the 4 most common channels in humanity, so a big part of being human is always reviewing what makes sense and what does not.

Like all channels from the Head to the Ajna, this is a projector channel. It is most successful when it is recognized and invited to share its “sense” of the world. It’s always important for people with mental definitions to remember that the mind is NOT an authority for making decisions for oneself. It is not an internal authority.