03 – 60 – Mutation

Human Design 03 – 60 channel

The Channel of Mutation links the Root Center to the Sacral Center through the Gate of Acceptance (60) and the Gate of Ordering (3). The potential for evolutionary change that comes through this unpredictable, mutative and melancholic channel depends on one's capacity to accept limitation (Gate 60) and transcend the confusion of new beginnings (Gate 3). Background: Gate 60 is the hub of all evolutionary possibilities, while gate 3 is always reaching for what is new and potentially viable, one possibility at a time. The underlying current or frequency governing this adrenalized generating Channel of Mutation is the format energy of Individual Circuitry. Its potent, on/off pulsing energy, associated with melancholy, permeates the way those with channel live out their unique designs. This is an energy that also conditions or deeply affects everyone around them. Personal: Your key to living with this melancholic process, a mechanical moodiness, is to avoid trying to reason it away. It is better to remain patient and alert as you wait for the new mutation to arrive on the scene through you. Time spent alone with your muse, when the pulse o mutation is off, can deepen and enrich your inner journey. Although you can't always see it, something is stirring underneath and what is not yet ready to emerge continues to gestate and grow. This endless movement from chaos to order to chaos is the nature of the format energy as it always engenders the possibility for something new to come into the world. You only have to accept the limitation inherent in not knowing when this change (this pulse) will happen, and surrender to your Sacral response to bring the energy of change to all of us. Interpersonal: Like music, mutation takes place suddenly, unexpectedly, in the gaps or the spaces between the pulses, or notes. It forces everyone to adapt or change, or be left behind. Those with the Channel of Mutation feel the pressure to bring innovation and renewal to their lives, jobs, families and the world around them. The Root Center's constant pressure creates inner tension during the times when the on/off pulses off and seemingly nothing is happening. This is experienced on a chemical level in the body as melancholy. As agents of mutation and change, Individuals may find themselves trying to give reasons for their moods, and getting caught in the discomforting, shadow place themselves which they normally tend to avoid. If they give in to this shadow, or do not wait of the correct response, the pressure to change the way things are done can lead to deep personal frustration and depression, as well as instability and chaos in this around them. – source