02 – 14 – The Beat

Human Design 02 – 14 channel

It is the mutation of direction and it can be extremely successful at the material level, the nature of the 14th gate, possession in great measure. The tradition of the I Ching is that this is the wagon that can be overloaded and full of goods. This is a tremendous power and it is a skill. If you look carefully, this is a gate of power skills—how to use power for only one thing, to keep moving in your direction only.

Now think of what it means to be a 2-14. If that’s the only definition you have, the only way you know you’re in the right direction is if you respond. Otherwise, you can never be in the right direction. Somebody asks you, “Is this the way to go?” and you go ‘uh-huh.’ Boy, are you ever right and right for them. And if somebody needs to know something from you and you respond positively, you are bringing them mutative direction. And for yourself in your own life, you have to wait in order to recognize and respond to what is the right direction for you. In other words, a 2-14 has to be offered a smorgasbord of opportunities in order to recognize which one to respond to so that can be their direction.

It’s so important for us that 2-14s operate correctly according to their Type, and it’s the thing to recognize about the nature of evolutionary direction. The nature of evolution is that it doesn’t just make jumps all the time. That’s why this is really the symbol of our evolutionary process. In other words, it is a pulse.

When we were talking about emotional individuality, I talked to you about the plane, the plateau, and about spiking. And the whole thing about the nature of the 2-14 and its direction is that it goes along and goes along and goes along and goes along in the same direction, like the individual that has the same breakfast every morning. Goes along, goes along, goes along and then it’s possible, in the pulse, in the space between that suddenly there is a mutation and then, the new mutative direction. – source