07 – 31 – The Alpha

Human Design 07 – 31 channel

I’ve known people who have the 31-7 who really kind of think that’s it’s very Leonian. It’s all Leo; they get this kind of, “Well, I’m a leader.” This is a projected element. And you can see 31-7s when they play out their leadership role when they’re young, and you see them at the playground. And there’s the 31-7 verbal gunslinger saying, “We’re going to go over to the swings now.” And everybody goes in another direction. Everybody! Everybody! It’s an amazing thing. Nobody pays attention.

You see, alphas are made, and they’re made by others. The alpha is selected by the others. I have watched that. You can see that take place in animals. I’ve had many litters of dogs in my life, and you can see how quickly the alpha establishes themselves. Quick. And the others have to agree to it; otherwise, it’s always a two-way street.

So the 31-7, yes, they do have wonderful skills of leadership. That’s what they’re here for. But the nature of that leadership is that they can never say, “I am the leader. Follow me.” They always have to wait for somebody to say, “You’re the one that can lead us. Will you?” And then they say, “I am the leader. Follow me,” and everybody follows. It’s so simple. And then everybody thinks they’re great leaders. Unless they have the 7.4 (the abdicator) and eventually get tired of them and people fire them. That’s okay, too.

One of those things to be clear about is that the power of logic suffers so much in humanity because it’s all projected, and it’s all projected gunslingers, and so you’ve got all this talk. Go into a new age bookstore and look at how many of them are going to tell you they’re logical. And go into any kind of bookstore and look at all of the concepts, the so-called logical concepts that would change everybody’s life.

New architecture, new plumbing, new this, new that, new societies. It’s an endless piece of business. It’s all projection. And the only way that it’s ever going to work, and the only way that it’s ever going to get any respect is if these people live out the nature of their Type. That’s all they have to do.

At the moment that any Ajna to the Throat is ready to wait to have its aura recognized, it will get its mind recognized as a reward. And that feels very good, that the other will listen. In terms of logic, it is essential. And it’s essential that we have reliable facts, because it’s the only way that we’re going to be healthy, if we really know how things work. We can’t do anything about them until we are identified with them as a collective, and then we can act.

When I was a kid, the neighborhood I lived in was very nice and quiet. When I was growing up, there were maybe eight or nine houses in the area. There were no traffic lights; they weren’t necessary. Over a period of ten years, that neighborhood began to expand. There was a lot more traffic and city busses and all kinds of things. Several of the parents on different occasions had gotten together and said maybe we should get a traffic light. There was what had become a busy corner. It was discussed, but nothing was done. There were plans. They had talked about it, all of the collective, logical stuff that goes on. It took the death of a little girl who got hit by a car at that corner. And the next day, I mean the next day, the city brought a light and set it up.

Now, this is the whole thing about collective and collective action. The thing for us is not to have to wait until a little child dies before we do something, as a metaphor for us. This is what happens when you have a very confused collective field. You have all kinds of competition, and I use ‘competition’ in the terms of ‘best.’ You’ve got the best theory when somebody spends money on it. That’s ‘best’ in the logical process. And you’ve got this enormous competition to find energy amongst those in our society that are organizing us. In order for us to be secure in the patterns, we have to be able to finance that. We have to be able to pay for it.

Throughout the United States, throughout the Western world, throughout most of the world now, there is a desperate need of governments to be able to supply optic fiber so that we can all live in the technological new age. Now that’s an enormous investment. There were many societies who saw that much earlier than other societies. Until you get around to the time where the pattern, the logical pattern is self-evident, only then slowly can you gather the resources to be able to do something to be able to ensure the security for the future. It’s essential for us.

When you look at the way that government is run, because government is collective business, you can see what government bureaucracy really is. How many investigations are going on, and I mean normal things, exploratory papers, committees, and committees of committees and committees of committees of committees to look at this and that and the other thing. You’re paying as taxpayers for all of that logical stuff to take place before any action can come of it. Most of the dollars that are spent on looking at theory and what theory can be turned into practice, never gets to practice. Never. It’s astonishing.

So one of the most important things in the awakening of living your design is the possibility of slowly being able to bring into proper perspective the logical process and how it should really work. Part of that way is that the logical verbal gunslinger, whether that is from the 17-62—what we’ve been looking at, or its other variations—the moment they’re living out their Type, we’re going to get cleaner material. That’s what we need. We really need things that truly can be organized, and we really need as much of the facts as is humanly possible for us to get. The moment that those facts are there, automatically the opportunity for experimenting with it should be there. – source


Here we have the final expression of logic, democratic leadership. The leadership here has to be recognized or it is not effective. This is not dictatorship or extreme rulership. This is leadership recognized by the people based on its demonstration over time of its effectiveness. The 7/31 will be called out by others. This is a leadership energy that is a result of a group of people agreeing to rule themselves. The ultimate expression of humanity in groups is democracy. If someone with the 7/31 tries to force leadership, then you have a revolution and a new regime that is not logical - it has not withstood the test of time and consequently has to start over with logic and "prove" itself to be effective - otherwise it will be subject to being overthrown. It is a profound thing to see that the highest expression of self-determination in the collective circuitry is democracy and helps us understand that all people eventually want the freedom to govern themselves in a way that is egalitarian and fair. This isn't just a philosophy or a belief. Democracy is perfectly and beautifully human. – source