35 – 36 – Transitoriness

Human Design 35 – 36 channel

The Channel of Transitoriness links the Solar Plexus Center to the Throat Center through the Gate of Crisis (36) and the Gate of Change (35). This is an emotional Manifesting channel that defies Logic’s caution and restrictive patterns. It will try anything and everything, whether of intrinsic value or not, to get things moving in the direction of a new experience.

Background: As the creative channel for the Sensing Circuit, Channel 36 - 35 has a talent for seeking adventures and involving others in them. It finds expression through Gate 35’s need to manifest change as in “been there, done that, what’s new?” The emotionally-charged 26th gate perceives its inexperience as inadequacy, and so draws those with the Channel of Transitoriness into seeking experience, occasionally by engendering crisis just to get things moving. Through this restless desire to explore the depth and consequence of our capacity to feel (emotion), our species matures and evolves and our gene pool expands, ultimately resulting in progress of the Collective. This is learning through experience of the sake of future generations.

Personal: You are driven to seek experiences which promise something new and better in life. Your journey is an emotional one na you gather wisdom experientially. Pushed along by the ever changing perspectives of you unaware Solar Plexus wave, you can become volatile or feel let down if a new experience fails to meet your expectations. The secret is to embrace and accept your emotional swings, to give yourself time to make emotionally-clear decisions, and to surrender to fully living each correct experience for its own sake. Over time and with maturity, experience will culminate as emotional depth within your personal truth, the heart of which is accepting life for what it is. If you find yourself nervous or uneasy about committing to a venture, take advantage of waiting out you wave. Your great accomplishment in life is that you will have tasted, touched and felt many things from which you gleaned wisdom of great value, wisdom that you make available to others in the form of advice. You inspire people to join your venture with tales of your exploits, and sense of fulfillment in the richness of a life well lived. As you learn that feelings are transitory, your advice to others will be to “seize the moment,” and partake of each promising new experience that is correct, rather than live with a sense that nothing in life ever amount to anything.

Interpersonal: For those with the Channel of Transitoriness, interaction with others means sharing the experience completely with them. Their need for new experience and inherent sense that nothing lasts, often makes it difficult for them to maintain intimate relationship. Their partner(s) pay a price if they find themselves dragged along on adventure that are not right for them. Doing anything for the first time isn't easy, outcomes are unpredictable, and most people are not equipped to handle the resulting crises. Deeply emotional experiences often have a sexual dimension, but because relating here is focused on the feelings provoked by the experience rather than on the other person, both parties can be left with disappointment when the experience is over. When two people connect electromagnetically through this channel, one with Gate 35 and one with Gate 36, the balance and stability of the relationship will be constantly subjected to high to low emotional waves. – source