10 – 34 – Exploration

Human Design 10 – 34 channel

The Gate 10 is the gate of the Behavior of the Self and the Gate 34 is the Gate of Power. When this channel comes together it is purely generated and it is through response that the perfected form of power can happen. In this channel, through response people with this energy are behaving with their power correctly or they are behaving in a way that is powerfully correct. This is a deeply individual channel and when you are in its presence, you will be drawn into behaving correctly as long as you are responding. The beauty of this channel is that it is purely generated. People with the 10/34 merely need to act correctly in response in order to demonstrate power. There is no convincing or sharing here. There is no throat center here. This is pure empowerment by being and responding and, as with all individual circuitry, these people can deeply empower others simply by being the purest expression of the self. You can see how this is a small step “up” from integration. Here we go from individuation to individuality, acting correctly and empowering through right action by being. – source