Gate #15: Extremes

Gate of Extremes is energy that expresses itself through extreme rhythms. Whether it be your personal cycle with respect to times you eat, get up and go to sleep or other patterns, the gate of extremes will demand a change from a repetitive cycle after a while. This is also the energy of the love of humanity, the concern for fellow humans and the drive to bring other humans into the flow of life. – source


The Gate 15 is a powerful, multi-faceted energy. The Gate 15 is the Gate of extremes, extremes in rhythm, particularly. People with the 15 are always trying to find their rhythm, but it changes all the time. If the 15 can find a consistent rhythm, it will be different and extreme. This can sometimes make relationships challenging, especially if a person with the Gate 15 is in a relationship with a person with the Gate 5. People with the Gate 15 have a big aura. They are usually aware of it and try to hide. They can't. The aura of the Gate 15 walks into the room before the person actually does. Everyone really is turning around to look at you! The Gate 15 is the Gate of the Love of Humanity. The rhythm and flow of the 5 leads to the 15...the expression of love for humanity when it is aligned with the rhythm of Life Force. The extremes of the 15 can lead to extreme measures on the part of the 15 to take care of and love humanity. This can be a martyr Gate. Hopefully it is paired with the 10 so that it can also be about empowerment. This energy not only gives us a deep connection to our Divine Siblings, but it also ties us to the natural world. It is the energy for nature, flow, animals and the elementals. The energy here clearly shows us that our fate and the fate of the natural world are inextricably intertwined. When we work with the 15th Gate, we are called to ask ourselves what contribution do we seek to make to the world and to our Divine Siblings? Where do we have rhythm and where do we need to adjust our rhythm to be more "in the flow"? What does the natural world seek to share with us and do we need to align ourselves more with nature? – source