Gate #25

Gate of The Spirit of the Self is the love of the spirit of the soul within you. This is also the love of the greater Spirit, as in God or the Divine or whatever definition you choose. – source


We move from the shock of initiation into the Love Of Spirit. Here we have a sweet, loving energy that has absolutely no shock in it. This is pure love and you feel it when you stand in the aura of this energy. The challenge for people with the Gate 25 is understanding why other people do the things they do…the Gate 25 is all about love. When they witness things that they perceive as “not loving” they can be confused. But, if they try to speak into the situation, they can not change it. This is projected. Be love but don’t spread love unless invited. Again, there is no convincing here. Only being. The Gate 25, especially in line 5 has very powerful healing abilities. These are natural hands-on healers and they do not need any training. When you have an open spleen and the Gate 25 you have a natural healer and a medical intuitive who can heal with the Power Of Love. When we die to the ego (Will Center) we move into true love, identity and direction. The Love of the Spirit is the giver of direction to love. “What would Love do?” is the question of the 25. But, when connected with the 51, it can have to energy for “Tough Love”…the Willpower to give the “right” love, even when it feels strong and harsh. – source