25 – 51 – Initiation

Human Design 25 – 51 channel

Carrying the 25/51 frequency can “invite” others to bring us in early in the game. They probably don’t know why. There is no defined ‘reason’ built into the frequency, although we can feel pressured to concoct one at first. Rather we realize the benefits later. Like the 45 king or queen who carries “entitlement,” the 25/51 frequency carries the potential thrill of “competing” to get in at the beginning.In the corporate world, I typically joined teams in the developmental stage, and my 42 kept me rolling pretty much to completion of the project. By the end of a project, however, I was interested in and pulled towards something new, so there was an attraction to move on, sometimes a bit before the project was totally finished.The channel of initiation, as a projected channel, means being invited by a topic or another person that gets us initiated into something new without necessarily having much detail. If our heart (will) is in it, then off we go. Sometimes that frequency is the new infusion of blood (gate 25) that becomes the ‘need’ that moves the team or project or idea forward. Or not. By the way, the 25/51 is a powerful OC16 channel that brings the needed competitiveness and capacity for larger organizations to prosper.

A 25/51 Amplified If you have the 25/51, remember that your frequency gets amplified by others in mega-tons. Don’t underestimate the volume of that amplification. You get people competing with you all the time and you innocently wonder why, and maybe what’s wrong with them. They grab something off the grocery shelf just as you are reaching for it. They race you to the check out line. On the freeway, they are the jerks trying to zoom around you in a dangerous way. Road rage. I see it all the time.My husband races me to get the newspaper when it thunks against the front door. I’ve learned to surrender to the power of his 20/34 with an open ego amplifying my 25/51. Now that is funny! Understanding our designs brings humor to life and lets our 15 yr. marriage keep going with a chuckle instead of a crisis (he has the 36.) I don’t compete with the amplification any more. I love the irony!If you do not have the 25/51 and have a friend who does, just watch how they “make” you walk faster, or you “make” need to move to head of the line, or you want to win the game…it goes on and on and on….it’s hilarious when you are aware of frequencies in action.

The Nuance of “Need” But there is another nuance I recently became aware of and really got the initiation to write today. I could feel this nuance in my body. It is about when the 25/51 is first, and why it needs to be first.The 25/51 is at its best when it is there from the beginning. There is a distinction between the energy of getting ‘caught up’ with what has been going on, which can feel confusing/overwhelming/poltergeist-like and slows the process down, versus having the continuity and perspective of being there from the beginning. It is like night and day. And your authority will let you know if the process is too far along to be right for you with a big fat “NO.”Catching up does not even begin to replace being there from the beginning. Again, the 25/51 is at its best when it is there from the beginning. It needs to be there at the beginning. And that benefits everyone. But you won’t know why at the beginning. That is the way it is. – source


The 25/51 is part of the mystical circuitry. This is the channel of Shock (51) into the Love of Spirit (25). Notice that this is a totally projected channel. You don’t have to do anything to be initiated. Life initiates you. Initiation in this channel is Will based. The Will power of the 25/51 is less about Will power in the traditional way that we think of Will power and more about having the will to survive the initiation. Initiation can be shocking, dramatically life-altering and, of course, unexpected. But the initiation here is always about bringing the individual closer to Spirit. Sometimes we call this the channel of the Shaman or the Priestess. The Shaman and the Priestess have to “die” to the ego before they can emerge into their wisdom. This energy is archetypically located here. On a more practical note, the channel can be very competitive or not. Remember, in Human Design, energies are thematic. That means that people who have this energy defined stir up competition in others but are not necessarily competitive. In fact, sometimes they are not competitive at all, but others definitely compete with them. But, this energy is also initiating. Simply by being present in the energy field, the geometry and the matrix, the 25/51 will radiate initiation and it is amplified by others. They do not have to seek it. They will never find it. It is projected. I comes to them and then shocks them into Spirit (or bitterness…this is projected, afterall). – source