12 – 22 – Openness

Human Design 12 – 22 channel

The 12/22 is a very mysterious channel. Think about social dynamics. If you think about the tribe you have two specifically social channels for the tribe. That is, the 59/6, obviously the intimacy of the 59/6 and the 40/37, the channel of community. These are so-called social channels. There is only one other social channel. That’s the 22/12. Every collective channel is social.

So, when you see social capacity diminished you begin to understand something about beings as well and the way in which the layer of humanity is structured. The collective is social at every possible level, so we end up with multiracial societies in certain places where people can all exist together, and so forth and so on. This is collective. It is social at any level. But the moment that you step into the tribe, you can see that the tribe is very limited in when it will be social. It will be social in order to make more. It will be social within its own community to maintain its viability. But this is a closed off social environment.

You notice that any time you step into a foreign tribe’s environment. You know it right away. You are neither somebody who is part of the intimacy or part of the community and you’re not going to receive any kind of true social invitation into that, unless you happen to sneak into the farmer’s daughter’s bedroom. That may change the story. Either you’re shot gunned, or you get married, one or the other.

But when you come to individuality it has one and only one social dimension. I know. This is an incredible limitation in the individual. Individuals are deeply handicapped when it comes to establishing social bonds. Now of course, when we come to the nature of seeing the holistic BodyGraph we know very well that people have all kinds of mixes of aspects within their design. So, I’m speaking just theoretically here from an absolute point of view; in other words, looking at the pure individual. Somebody like me, as an example, that only has individual definition, only having individual definition gives one a handicap socially.

Now, I have some advantages in that I do have the 12th gate, I do have the 40th gate, so I have certain ways, and I have certain collective gates, in which I can learn and connect to the tribe and the collective. But it’s not natural. So, when you’re looking at the 12/22 you’re looking at something very unique, in a sense. Individuality is not allowed to be social because it’s not here to be influenced. It’s not collective. It’s not here to be influenced. Individuality is here to express mutation. That’s the whole point of having individuality in the BodyGraph. It is the evolutionary process in all of us.

So, it’s not here to be influenced, which means it’s difficult for individuality to form those kinds of long-term bonds, because it’s very difficult for them to actually embrace the social dimension. It’s against their nature. And yet, the irony in all of that is that all of our concepts of romance come from individuality, this yearning for the bond, because it’s so difficult to find it. And of course, where do we find that? We find that in this stream from the 12 to the 22 to the 55 to the 39, it is here in this stream that all of these concepts of romantic love and all of these things exist. It’s interesting to see it in that way; and to understand the loneliness, in that sense, of individuality, that loneliness of “why can’t I?”

So, the 12/22 becomes a mechanism not for the individual to be able to express their romance, but for the individual to be able to seduce the collective with its mutation, because the collective lives on social interaction. Individual action is intended only to mutate the collective. And you can see it in the expression of the 12/22, because this is the channel of a social or an anti-social being. It is so easy for this to be turned off, because the whole point is mutation. And the whole point is to be able to mutate the other with this voice.

The individual takes action to try to affect the other. And that you can see that in the 12 and in the 35, you have fundamental Manifestor themes, the impact that we talk about in terms of a Manifestor. This impact is in both of these gates. It is what drives us. One drives us experientially and the other mutates us as we move along. It’s very powerful in their impact—manifesting gates. So, for the individual it is all about this possibility in action to impact the other, to make them fall in love and not necessarily with you as a being, but what you have to say or what you have to offer or what you know. I know that. – source