Gate #16: Skills

Gate of Skills energy is talent for life which has an enthusiasm for expression. Music, dance, art, and speaking are common expressions of this energy. Without the complementary Gate of Depth (gate 48), the expression of this energy may be varied and shallow. Coupled with gate 48, there is depth. For example, in the group known as The Beatles, John Lennon had the 48 and Paul McCartney has the 16.. – source


The Gate 16 is the energy for communicating with enthusiasm the correct expression of mastery, but only if it comes into connection with the Gate 48. On its own, the Gate 16 is enthusiasm without depth. This is the "just do it" gate. The Gate 16 will just do things, and figure out the details later. The good news is that the Gate 16 is usually imbued with natural talent and can often "get away" with the superficial expression of talent it carries. But, without the Gate 48, the 16 lacks the depth of mastery and intuitive correct expression. The Gate 16 leaps and then looks, hopefully there is luck in the chart otherwise we have a crashed "house of cards"...the Wizard of Oz without the curtain. The Gate 16 gives us the energy to leap out of bed and get truly excited about our creative endeavors. This is the gate of skills, not so much depth, so there is youthfulness in our excitement. We still have much to learn as we master our creative process but, like the Fool Card in the Tarot, every journey starts with an excited first step. – source