29 – 46 – Discovery

Human Design 29 – 46 channel

The Channel of Discovery – 46-29, links the Sacral Center through the 46, the Gate of Pushing Upward, to the 29, the Gate of The Abysmal in the G Center. In the traditional I Ching the 29th gate is known as the abysmal. It is the deep within the deep. The 46th gate is pushing upwards into the kingdom of heaven, in the ancient language. The 46th gate has the knack of being physically in the right place at the right time. The 29 is the Gate of perseverance that is enhanced by responding "yes" to what is correct.

In the traditional I Ching the 29th gate is known as the abysmal. It is the deep within the deep. This is not abysmal as in being terrible or negative. It is about the sacral center being a never ending well of energy. On the other end of the channel you have the 46th gate which is endlessly high. In the I Ching the 46th gate is pushing upwards into the kingdom of heaven.

Imagine a line going from the center of the earth to the ends of heaven. Since the 46 is in the G center it is about the Self being in the right place. Since the 29 is in the sacral center it is about having an unlimited amount of energy to get to that right place. This channel then, is about understanding that if you are totally absorbed in a process, you are exactly in the right place at exactly the right time. This channel can then bring transformation through a total commitment. It is called the Channel of Discovery because this place and time is an ongoing process of Discovery.

Anyone with the 29 has a built-in availability and tendency to say "yes" to almost any situation, which can result in them up giving away their energy, wholesale. Thus, it is critical that they commit from their own authority, and in so doing find themselves committed to "succeeding where others fail." Perhaps the greatest lesson for someone with the 29 -- 46 channel is that when they have committed to an experience from a clear sacral response, is that they will proceed totally with the experience, regardless of other, particularly mental, considerations. Herein lies their success.

In other words, anyone with this channel must be careful to commit based upon their sacral response and their Authority. Once committed they will have to finish the experience no matter how long it may take – even years. Remember that in the Abstract circuitry one learns from experience – after the experience is over.They have got to wait until the experience is over to be able to see if anything was discovered. While it is happening you can only follow your strategy.In the big picture, no matter what happens, through failure and success if you are following your strategy you will always be in the right place at the right time because you will come out of it with the right kind of experience that you can share.