19 – 49 – Synthesis channel

Human Design 19 – 49 channel

The 19-49 links the Root Center through the 19, the Gate of Approach, to the 49, the Gate of Revolution in the Emotional Center. On the emotional side we leave the realm of money and enter the realm of belonging.

The 19-49 has the sensitivity to know who belongs to the tribe and who doesn’t. The support of the tribe is so deep that every member owes their life to every other member. There is nothing democratic or abstract about this.

Most of human history has been lived in tribes. In the tribe it is a very simple arrangement of love, honor and obedience that holds it all together. The basic needs of the tribe are security – shelter, food, protection for their young.

The 19 - 49 Channel is part of the stream of physical sensitivity in the Tribal Ego circuitry. It negotiates the world through the sense of touch, bringing people together, deciding who’s in, who’s out and who gets what.

It’s also very sensitive to its own position, wanting to be needed (to give support) and needing to be wanted (to be supported). When we look at the channel from this perspective and remember that it is a projected channel we see that for the 49-19 waiting to be invited is the critical first step. Their emotional response, over time, to being invited is critical to their happiness.

The pressure of the 19 to be connected can draw them into associations that are joyful - if they adhere to their Type and emotional clarity. Absent an invitation or lacking emotional clarity they can wind up in relationships that are characterized by constant rejection, of self and others.