Root Center

Human Design Root Center

The Root Center is about adrenal pressure. It is one of the two pressure centers (the other is the Head). The Root center’s pressure moves energy up through the body to fuel action. Defined Root people are under a constant and consistent pressure to do. It is a healthy energy as long as it entered into and used correctly. It can also be healthy for the defined Root to release pressure through activities such as exercise.

The undefined Root is dealing with an amplification of this adrenal stress that comes into the body as a physical pressure to be in a hurry. The undefined Root can be constantly hijacked by the pressure of modern life. The wisdom here is to know that this is not their energy and there is no need to rush; it is okay to feel the pressure and just let it be. The open root question is “Am I in a hurry to get everything done so I can be free of the pressure?”