28 – 38 – Struggle

Human Design 28 – 38 channel

I think one of the most fascinating channels for me, because I am an integration person, is the 28/38. This is an incredible force. First of all, think about integration. When somebody has integration they‘re really caught up in their own trip. These are the most deeply selfish beings that exist. They‘re totally into their own trip. It‘s not their fault, by the way, but what to do. They‘re focused on their unique in-the-now survival. You meet a 20/34 when they’re doing something, it’s very, very hard to get their attention. I‘m into my thing and I‘m into my thing now and I’m lost in that.

And the fact is that when you look at this within the nature of human sexuality, for example, the nature of caring, you see that this is totally absorbed in oneself; totally, totally absorbed. I care for myself; I care for my own existence. But the moment you bring the 28/38, this totally self-absorbed selfish individuality, and specifically the 20/57, suddenly is ready to pay attention to the other, is suddenly ready to care for the other. And why, what magic does this bring?

I‘ve watched it all my life. I have this channel in lover‘s children; I’ve seen it in every possible way. The 28th gate, particularly, I’m a 20/57/10 and the 28th gate in my life is one of those things that is there wherever I look. I have nothing in this channel, so I‘ve had a very interesting process in looking at that and watching that over the years. And you look at this 28/38, this force, this is the Channel of Struggle. People often forget that Human Design is a deep, deep, deep dualistic system that every single channel can be understood by its opposite. This does not have to be the Channel of Struggle. But it struggles for something. This is what gives life its meaning. The meaning of life is not derived from the pattern or the experience. This is what we do over and over and over and over and over again, because it is the plane that we‘re on. This is something deeper than that. This is what gives life its meaning. There is an inherent, not so much search here, but a demand, in a sense, that existence is more than just being born and dying, that there‘s something else. And this is what the 28/38 brings. It brings this incredible struggle to find purpose. – source