Gate #31: Democracy

Gate of Leading is the voice of the leader. The leadership is only truly successful when properly supported by its complementary gate 7, The Role of the Self. – source


Here we have natural leadership that must be recognized in order to be effective. This is the expression of democracy...leadership that has been proven effective over time through repeated applications of theory. This is the final expression of the Understanding Circuit, leadership based on mastery and repeated truths. People with this energy will naturally be recognized as leaders but cannot assume leadership without recognition. Their leadership will not be effective without the recognition of the collective. Again, this is leadership that has to be recognized and serves best when it seeks to serve the people. The best question to ask yourself if you are working with this energy is, "How may I be of service?" Let the group you are leading tell you how they want to be led. This is the real secret to being an effective leader with this energy. You are simply the figurehead for the group. Serve the group. Unify it and be ready to delegate and share the power. – source