Gate #62: Details

Gate of Detail is the energy of small detail. This is bringing into words what does not have a name. By naming something and assigning scope and details to an object or a concept etc., there is a basis for discussion. – source


The Gate 62, like the Gate 17 has ideas but, because we are now connecting to the Throat Center, the potential for access to energy improves. The Gate 62 is the gate of practical, organizational answers and people with this energy have the capacity to organize things and provide practical ways to implement the energy of the Gate 17. People with the Gate 62 usually have very neat closets and filing systems. They are organized. Even if they don't look organized, they know where everything is. This is the energy for details, the small details that keep the momentum of opinions flowing towards energy. The Gate 62 asks, "What if we did it like this? What if we put this over here and place all the files in this basket? Then would we be able to create an organizational pattern?" This is the gate of the computer programmer or the professional organizer. The 62 always has a practical experiment going. This is the energy for creating the structure and application of the experiment. The 62 determines the statistical tests to be done, what equipment to use and how to log the data.These are really practical people. The Gate 62 is the energy for articulating plans and ideas in an organized, logical manner. The Gate 62 connects the energy from the realm of possibility to the Throat Center and creates, through articulation, the possibility of manifestation. – source