30 – 41 – Recognition

Human Design 30 – 41 channel

The Channel of Recognition – 41-30 links the Root through the 41, the Gate of Decrease, to the 30, the Gate of The Clinging Fire in the Emotional Center. The keynotes that apply here are Sharing Abstract, Sensing and Experience.

This channel is the pressure for these keynotes coming from the root. The 41 is the pressure of Decrease – a lack, and that lack gives rise to the imagination of what could be. The emotional center heats up that pressure, that fuel and the result is an intense need to get in motion toward some experience.

It’s a bit like those little whirlwinds we see in the desert. The hot air combines with a low pressure area and you have this whirling vortex that races across the landscape. The center is hollow. but it’s not really empty, it fuels the energy of the hot air with its lower pressure and sets it in motion. This is the pressure to Experience something (usually something emotional).

The 41/30 is a strong pressure being recognized by an intense feeling. This ultimately leads to the ability to leap from lack of experience into experience running full bore. And, of course it wants to share all of that with others. This can launch some pretty wild rides in experience and occasion some deep reflection after the fact. It is called the Channel of Recognition. That new experience allows them to recognise an emotion within them that they can then share.