Gate #18: Correction

Gate of Correction is logical energy to bring about a better way of doing things. This is the guy who invented the bread slicer. This energy is trying to bring joy to life, to save time or avoid mistakes. But correction can feel personal so express it with prudence. – source


The intuition to make things perfect. This is also a splenic gate so there is no thinking here, just intuitive understanding. And, of course, fear. The fear of the 18 is that nothing will be perfect and, as with all splenic gates, the potential here is for someone to shut down because they'll never "get it right" or others will "never get it right". The 18 can feel harsh, especially if it is not recognized. There is no motor connected to the 18. The energy has to be recognized and call out by others. When it is asked for, it is brilliant and vital. We need people who can "fix" things and know how to make them better. This is the gate of the Editor and the Accountant. They can find the perfect pattern and bring it out in a powerful way. This is the gift and the curse of the 18. And, of course, because it is intuitive, and closely located to the Root, often people with this gate feel pressured to share their correction. And people either react poorly...or they don't listen. Sometimes we call the Gate 18 the "See...I told you so....Gate". – source