05 – 15 – Rhythm

Human Design 05 – 15 channel

Rhythm. This is a tantric channel, a channel of energy that gives direction (G-Center) to Life Force (Sacral). The Channel of Rhythm is an energy that we share with many living things. It is the energy of the rhythm of nature itself. If you think about the natural world, it has rhythm built into it. The natural world is ruled by rhythm. Electricity and other inventions of modern life have liberated us from natural rhythms. But, possibly, with consequences that will affect all of humanity. This energy is about aligning humanity with nature. If we step away from the natural order, humanity stands a chance of suffering. The archetype of the chart begs of us to exert our free will but to remember that we are deeply tied to the natural world. We cannot override the forces of nature. People with this energy usually have a deep connection to nature and animals and need this connection to find direction for their spirit. If you have this energy, going outside can often help you stay calm and clear. This is especially true for children. People with the 15/5 need rhythm to feel secure. Rhythm gives direction to the sacral and to work force energy. People with this energy also have an unusually large aura and stand out energetically. They get noticed. This is important because, ultimately, this energy is vital for the sustainability of mankind. Because this energy is so deeply tied with all mammals and nature, people with this energy can often communicate with animals, use plants and herbs and can even have a deep tie with the elemental kingdom. This is a magical energy; the archetype of fairies, gnomes and elves. People with this energy are often staunch environmental activists seeking to align the collective with natural order. – source